Should we have yet another GB for BLF-348?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

I don’t promise anything… :wink:

Can’t vote but would vote:
Yes, I have a few and love m so everybody should have the chance to get one. But I think I won’t be buying one.

I believe I’ve bought about 30 of these .
Everyone loves them .

I’ve bought quite a few and used most of them for presents (much appreciated by the recipients).

Yes, I would by more IF they get a moon level added and a hole so they can be carried on a key ring. (Yes, I’m prepared to pay quite a lot more if these features are added.)

Yes please but option for another tiny or emitter? I would like 6000k tint this time

Yes, if it will have small hole for lanyard in the end of host or on the tailcap.

There won’t be any changes, sorry! The light will be exactly the same than in earlier GBs.

If enough people are interested in more complex light (more modes, maybe different tints), a separate GB can be arranged.

Would it be possible to get a hole drilled?

Last time I asked the answer was “no”, but I can try again…

Please do, it would make it the perfect key ring light.

i forget, does the original have modes and if so, what are they?

Yes it has. They are called “on” and “off” :slight_smile:

I’d buy more if Hi, Low capable

Which makes it the perfect gift light, with the box and all.

+1 interested in updated version with lower mode , hole for keyring etc

ok, would rather add hi, med and low to ‘on and off’.

why is it so difficult for a 1xAAA to have brightness modes?
none of them seem to have it
or if they do it is only too-high and too-low…

is it something about the 1.5V source, that makes it hard to do?


I have a couple now and like them but to be honest, for me at least I would rather see another budget light chosen for a group buy.

BLF-348.HML :slight_smile:

i’m in for that…


I’d love to have one (or two).
I was early to ‘discover’ the SingFire 348 at the time, but kind of quit the hobby not long after that, so i missed the opportunity to obtain a 348 with Nichia 219.
I bumped in to it on Gearbest lately, but it’s out of stock…
I still have 2 of the 4 348s i bought at the time, but it needs a bigger hole in the reflector to accommodate a 219.
I would probably ruin the reflector trying it myself…
High, low and firefly modes would be nice too, but it’s not a must.