Clearly Convoy Holiday Giveaway Ended. Winners announced!

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Thanks for the giveaway, J-Dub74!

I'm in.  (Clearly)  ;)

My favorite Convoy is the S2.

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My C8 is nice, win this and my buddies would be jealous, real nice.


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My overall Convoy favourite, and favourite for giving to family and friends is the S2+ in all its varied colours.


The L2's Clear Anodizing is the anodizing you Must have when you don't like anodizing. Love how you can clearly see the machining marks. This finish is Strikingly beautiful and unique.

Love to be considered for the Clearly Convoy L2's giveaway.


Best Regards,


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Great looking light and I would love to be in this GAW Smile

Favorite convoy is a C8.

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Clearly this the greatest Convoy giveaway ever I am 100 percent so in !!!!!

Chris Townsend

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Oh man do I want this one! Two reasons. First, I don’t have an L2. Second, I won’t have to take it apart and dump it into a bowl or Draino! My favorite Convoy AND favorite overall light is my S2 with SMO reflector and XPL HI. Use it almost every day. Thanks for the giveaway!

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In please.

that’s how creative I am

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I’m in this gaw. Very nice light!



8 lives left

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Looks like polished chrome. All shiny like exspensive metal. Very impressive to look at. Please include me in the draw for the shiny metal giveaway.

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Well, where do I start?
Although I want for this convoy L2, it is more of a need. See I live in Australia the land of everything that wants to kill you. Now there is a special little beast out there that takes special notice of flashlight-wielding humans and that is the Drop Bear! These gnarly little beasts will drop on an unsuspecting human without notice and proceed to attack ones face leaving them forever mutilated. They do not kill, that would be too kind, they leave you with a breath of life so you have to wear the scars for the rest of your days.

After years of research I have found their weakness, but, I have yet been able to find one in my beautiful country. It is none other than the clear anodized convoy L2. so you can see when I saw this post I thought to myself ‘it must be fate’.

I came close to destroying their Queen last year when I entered their Hive wielding my favorite light the Convoy L6, but alas, it was not powerful enough. After capturing a worker drop bear and performing numerous tests I discovered they have an allergy to clear anodizing and the L2 has the perfect amount of throw and spill to annihilate all who oppose me.

If you do choose to Bestow the clear Anodized Convoy L2 upon me, I will enter The Drop bear hive Wielding the magnificent light like a sword of illumination and forever destroy their disgusting, mutilating way of life, and make our lands safe again for all man, woman, and child.

Please, the future of my land depends upon it!

here is a photo of the aforementioned Dropbear, scary isnt it?

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I need it in order to save my marriage and keep my kids sane and normal. Without it I’d end up buying something which would upset my wife and cause her to throw me out of the house. My kids would grow up without their dad in the house so their lives would be negatively impacted. This would affect future generations of our bloodline, some of them destined to contribute in major ways to society. Mankind would degenerate into chaos and and ruin. And these because of a flashlight that rightfully should go to me. I will accept donations from the winners but only because I care about mankind’s extinction Smile

I like my old style M1 (removable pill) that I put a fet drive in the most but to be honest I like them all.

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Difficult to tell me if my favorite CONVOY is L6 or C8, but since I do not have L2 how to know ………….
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This would clearly be a great addition to the collection
My favorite model is the c8:)

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I have a clear S2+ host from Simon that is waiting for me to bring it to life. Pictures don’t do the clear S2+ justice, and this new anodizing on the L2 looks even better. I’d like to see it in person.

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i like it for use better with bike. I have s2 and like it

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Clear anodizing looks good.
I have all convoy flashlights over 200+pcs.
some had sold some had modded.

Dave G
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Oh, I do want one. Plus the bare Al is soo nice looking.

This would be my first Convoy light so it would easily be my favorite! LOL


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I’m in
My favorite Convoy is the M1, it has the most utility, but closely followed by the S2, the best indoor Convoy.

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would love to get ahold of that shiny shiny goodness.

my favorite Convoy so far is the C8. sturdy, reliable, looks great, throws great.

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I want one of these! My favorite Convoy light so far is the S2+ UV. So much fun.

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that convoy L2 is shiny unlike my future Crazy

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Only have a few Convoys S2 plus – and my favorite S6…
But I want many more – so they’re ALL on my list…

Please fill my stocking with C8’s, BD’s – S9 and L6…
There’s nothing at all that I want more than this…

Of all the nice colors, Tan, Red, Green and Blue…
There’s nothing more lovely than this Blingy Bling L2…


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OMG.. Very nice finishings. Probably the best among clear versions of Convoy.

Added: Favorite? Confirmed the clear C8..:)

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Wow another sweet giveway!
I hope I will be a winner!

Currently admiring a S2+ but never met a Convoy I didn’t like.

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S2+ ,18350.

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1.You must be a BLF member who joined before December 1, 2017 to be eligible.

2.You must say you want it IN SOME FASHION but you choose the wording. Get creative. Let’s have some fun with this!

3.Tell us your favorite Convoy flashlight model.
C8 8×7135 Silver 1A Biscotti

Beam me up!

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Of course I’m in. Would love to try out this light. Favorite L6, C8, L6 ,C8 hard to say but I guess it would have to go to L6

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I am also in! I have a convoy c8 with BLF A6 driver and i love it. My L6 is also a kickass light. I would love this addition to my collection.. Merry christmas to everyone!

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Aluminium looks reminds me my first flashlights and I like it.
Love L6!!

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What a beautiful addition to Convoy family, clear coat looks great,much better than C8, you can see all traces of CNC machining and just admiring the workmanship. Simon ,J-Dub74 thank you for this GAW and definitely count me in !