Clearly Convoy Holiday Giveaway Ended. Winners announced!

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All Convoys are sweet, I would like a clear L2 with L6’s side switch and a dedomed sst-40.


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This is such a beautiful light!
I need it, now.
So count me in. I have an idea for an LED driver for flashlights like this as well. My favorite Convoy flashlight is the X3, because of its throw.

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Don’t know what’s wrong with me but recently, I have bought lots of flashlights and lots of batteries too including a couple of 26650’s then I realize that I don’t have any flashlight that uses 26650. So I’m looking for one and of course, this clear L2 would be a great fit.
I already own a few Convoy lights, red S2+, S3, and C8 and I love all of them.
Thanks for this giveaway.

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Count me in. Recently gifted a Clear C8 to my mom, and I thought the finish on that was wonderful. But this new style is clearly superior.

My favorite Convoy is a toss up between the Desert Tan S2+, the Clear C8, and an M2 customized with an XP-L HI. Can’t pick just one, because they are all great at different things.

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Plain, black C8. My favorite flashlight, it is affordable, versatile and strong.

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I have always loved convoys. Wish i had more. This one would be great for anyones collection.

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One beautiful light to have and to hold,
Hope i win one before I’m too old.

My favorite convoy is my only one. Any old model s2.
Thanks for the chance.

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convoy is one of the brand that stop CPF makes fun our budget light Silly
i really like my convoy s2+, it’s a great host for modding

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Yes please. I’m in.

My fave Convoy so far is a green S2+ triple.

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Please open the door so that I may enter

I really like my Convoy C8 silver but i get the most use and most grossed out by my Convoy S2+ UV lol

Thanks for the great lights at a great price point

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I’d really like to win an L2, as the finish looks amazing! My favorite Convoy?….probably either my S2+…or my L6…or one of my 3 C8’s….or, well, I can’t decide, I like them all.

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I’m in. Thanks for giveaway. My only / favorite Convoy is grey S2+ with luxeon v.

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Hi all.

I’m new to the addiction and have not yet ventured into buying a serious light. I have recently bought a bunch of Eneloops and a nightcore (?) charger but no LiIon batteries or flashlights.
My favorite Convoy is the one I win in this contest; it has some sweet newfangled anodizing!

Thanks in advance for choosing me.

Just a simple man.

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That just looks awesome! Count me in because I don’t yet have any clear Convoys but definitely would like to have that L2. Wink

I have many different Convoys but C8 and S2+ i use most. I would like to have some new versions with micro USB charging port also.

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Convoy S2+ is one of favorite 18650 flashlight, simple and durable.

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Wow, it looks great. I want it....
Please CONVEY that CONVOY to me!


I have a bunch of Convoys, but my favourite is a Clear C8 with 4 modes.


To many flashlights, too many batteries. Wife is going to kill me Smile
Q8 (Still coming), S2+: 10, SRK style: 6, C8: 10, L2: 3,  L6: 2, Couri XM-L2: 1 LuckySun BLF SE: 3, EagleEye X6: 2   and lots more....


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They make flashlights of varying hue

Of each color I own quite a few

They say once you go black

You may never go back

But they've not seen a silver L2 !



Well I already have an S2

Some 3s , 4s and a plus or two

I have so many lights

But I think I just might

 Have some room for a silver L2 !



Well I hope for my BLF friends

That your love for flashlights never ends

As we all share our skills

And experience thrills

When discoveries made soon transcends



With the talent we have in our crew

Every problem becomes a breakthrough

I just can't wait to see

What the next thing will be

And what avenue we will pursue



As I sit here enjoying a brew

Thinking back on the year in review

The old forum's been fun

Why just look what's been done !

It's a wonderful place through and through



 ( TL;DR  I want that silver L2 !)





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It’s a flashlight, I want it, it’s simple like that. Wink
I already own a few Convoy S2+ lights, very good quality for the price.

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I’m in!

My favorite Convoy is my blue S2+ with triple 5700K 219Bs.

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In Please

It’s hard to beat the C8 in terms of portability and with good throw.

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Well, I give up trying to think of something creative. Count me in please!

Favorite Convoy? I’m not sure, my first two, s2+ and a c8 are headed my way on the slow boat. I could certainly use an L2, all shiny and new to round out the set. Big Smile

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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In for the win on a great Convoy light, favorite is probably an S2+.

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Glad to see a new clear ano!
I was disappointed with the clear L6 as it looked to me like spray paint. This one looks much more ‘natural’ it seems.

My favorite Convoy is the M2. In between the C8 and S2 with a very balanced beam and great silky finish.

Keep up the good work. Thumbs Up

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Clear anodizing, satin clear finish, or simply “silver” electrolytic process or engineered, in whatever form is how I like it. My favorites so far are my clear S2+ and clear C8. I use them regularly and they are very much in the rotation. They may not be as tough as your typical black Type III hardcoat but I think they “age” better as you use them when normal wear and tear sets in. Plus, I like the mixture of classic and contemporary look of these models. The new L2 would be a great addition.

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O yes, i want it in some fashion!

My favourite Convoy is my black C8 with polished SS bezel and lighted SS tail switch and LD25 driver.

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I want in, I own several models except L2 and the new S9.

Favorite model is a black C8 with XPL HI led and is perfect for all round purpose and sometimes a S2+, if I want a smaller form factor.

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I want one …. for simple reason that it looks stunning! Big Smile

My favourite Convoy is the C8 Clear model. I have a C8 black also and a couple of S2+s but there is something special about the C8 Clear …

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i’m in because i don t have the L2. I have 2 L6 customized with narsilM and TA driver and they are just fantastic. No cooloing problem and good quality. They are black and silver but this L2 just look amazing, really it does the WOUAAAA effect on me.

Keep collaborating with Simon because convoy is a great company that bring cheap lights like C8 and S2 for all the starting flash addicts.

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My favorite Convoy would be the Convoy S2 because it’s versitile with upgrades and tweaks.

Regardless of outcome, thanks for the chance to get my hands on one and good going.

Seeking the light.

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My favorite Convoy is green S2+ triple.