Giveaway Closed-ASTROLUX "X" 21700 Flashlight -Which Astrolux product satisfied you the most? let us know what you think of it

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My favorite is the astrolux mf02

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The most Astrolux light I like is the MF01 Nichia
I got like 5 Astrolux lights but this one is still the best, lovely Tint and good for photography to light things up

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Astrolux S41 (Nichia) too.

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The MF series seems good but I had a faulty MF02 so the driver quality need to improve. I will get a new head from you. And If that works I try to mod the bad one with XHP70.2 and a TA driver or Lexel design driver. Overall quality is very good.
I also had an S41 which is works nicely. Only the clip broken at first put on.
I really like to try the X
And please don’t use glue on any flashlight threads. It is good for repairing and modding.

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Astrolux A01 with no PWM Manker driver.
Great tint, my EDC since first day.

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I have Astrolux a01
very nice light at a reasonable price



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When I was looking to get my first 18650 light, many people recommend that I get the Astrolux S1. I did, and it’s still one of my favorite lights. Thanks for making great products!

I’ve done a couple of reviews on Reddit and I’d sure love to review some of your products.

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I have an 18350 Astrolux S41S Nichia. I really like the SS and copper combo, it is used as my “fancy” edc light or on the rare occasion an 18650 light is too big.

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Just received my Astrolux MF01 a few days ago and I’m loving it. The build quality is astonishingly good, and the light is beautiful. Would love a chance to try more Astrolux products!

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I have a trusty Astrolux S41 Nichia … great little light. Always in the EDC rotation.

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I have this toy Big Smile

Astrolux K1

And here are pictures:

Few examples:

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Astrolux S41. I have a copper fetish so this was a no brainer and the 4 led flood is a usable smooth spread.
I have two A6 as my beaters.
Impressed with the value.

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3 pieces of S41 and 2 pieces of A01 here. Never had any problems with them. I’m happy..:)


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I like my Astrolux S1

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Astrolux S42

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I really like the E02. Very compact. Very useful light output settings, especially .1 lumen. Overall a very nice light. I will be getting the mf01 at some point in the future Thumbs Up

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The BLF A6/Astrolux S1 is the first light that drug me down the rabbit hole…and despite the numerous other lights I now own, it is probably the one I carry most often

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My S1 was the first 18650 light I ever bought. It’s been through many adventures and is used often. It’s a great light to recommend for someone making the jump into a serious light for everyday carry.

While I love my MF-01 and use it as a lantern up to a yard-filling wash of light, my S1 gets the most use.

Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway.

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I like my BLF A6!

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Astrolux S1 for sure. A classic

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Purchased both Astrolux MF01 and S41 and use both daily.

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My BLF A6/S1 is awesome, especially the programmable memory/no memory driver…

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From what I currently have (S41 Nichia, S42 XP-G, BLF A6, C8), I’ll say S41 Nichia. But MF02 hasn’t arrived yet, so it might change Big Smile

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Might be because it is my most recent Astrolux purchase, but the Astrolux C8 is just the most fun atm!

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Astrolux S41S: The best 4-emmitter Nichia I own.
Astrolux BLF A6: I EDC this one the most. Rugged, excellent lumens for its size & weight, plus useful mode spacing.
Astrolux MF02: Most recent purchase, and by far the most throwy I own. Impressive fit & finish and liking the UI.

So, these are my 3 favorite Astrolux for 3 different reasons.
Someday when I have more time I’d like to review all 3.

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s1 is most favorite one.

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The Astrolux BLF A6 was my first quality flashlight and still my go-to light for most situations. I’m planning on purchasing an Astrolux S41 the next time I catch them on sale!

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I have an Astrolux S1 and an S41. I also like the S42 but the issues at launch stopped me from buying it, and now I’m just hanging around waiting for deeper discount when newer models come out.

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Astrolux S1

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Thanks for the giveaway,

Astrolux S1 is my favorite but I like the S41 too!

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