Giveaway Closed-ASTROLUX "X" 21700 Flashlight -Which Astrolux product satisfied you the most? let us know what you think of it

Hello dear friends,

ASTROLUX is our own brand, single emitter, POWERFUL ,smart UI, support 21700 battery, affordable. And we have many excellent products from now on, such as C8, Mf01, Mf02 and so on. What do you think of it?

【Giveaway】Which Astrolux product purchased in the past satisfied you the most? Did you ever make a review for it?

Share your thoughts &Win $20~$50 worth value gift (page price)

How to enter the event?

1.Giveaway Period: 3rd Mar 2018 – 3rd Apr 2018
2.Registered before Mar 3rd, 2018
3. Pose which Astrolux product you purchased or your review for it.
4. Each account has one chance.

5.Your post number is your lucky number
6. 2 Winners picked by at 3rd Apr (UTC+8)


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Part #2 Insider information

There is a good news here to share with all of you,we are building an independent station for Astrolux ( For example,, a standalone brand Homepage, for better and more professional advertising,we will pose some product news, deals, videos here when ready, it is a good place to let people know more about ASTROLUX.

By the way, we also need some suitable reviewer for some new arrival items, such as MF04, MF05, ASTROLUX "X".


How to join in:

  1. You can recommend others or yourself, we will choose the most suitable reviewer here
  2. If the people you recommended get the chance, you also can get a little gift ( $20~$30 worth value gift , page price), welcome to join in to get the chance to gain the free review items or gifts.
  3. Can recommend here or just PM me, or send E-mail to


Picking winners on 3rd Mar?

Oh, sorry for the mistake, will pick winners on 3rd Apr, thank you very much for your remind

Thanks for the giveaway, Banggood!

My BLF A6 (Astrolux S1) is my favorite flashlight right now.

I have only ordered one astrolux product, an s41. I haven’t ordered another astrolux product due to the fact I saw it offered for far less than I paid (around 33% less than the code found here) four days later. It did bake to a nice brown that looks good with the copper head.

Astrolux S1 and S2/S3 drivers are the product I ever own but should be more in the future.

I purchased both Astrolux MF01 Nichia and XPG3 which I use most often.

I purchases a Astrolux C8 which is my favorite thrower.

Well, the new line of Astrolux got my interest - MF series work well for me. My favourite - MF01 Nichia and MF02 NW on one body - makes big fun.

I have the BLF A6 (Astrolux S1), the Astrolux S41 and the Astrolux S41S. They’re good designs, but quality control is an issue. I previously wrote a couple of mini-reviews about them, among other lights:

Love my Astrolux S3. Great driver! Lighted tailcap. 14500.

Astrolux S41 (Nichia)!

Astrolux S41 cool light

I purchased a S42 and was initially planning on reviewing it. After using it for a few days the UI got me so frustrated I gave up on the light (it has been in my cupboard ever since). Sorry to say it like it is. I still like the craftsmanship and quality, just not the overall firmware.
If it is OK I would still like to be considered for the giveaway and I trust future UIs will improve with the help of the great BLF community! Astrolux has really good relations with us on here and I value that.

Here is an idea for Astrolux and other manufacturers/brands:
If you have a dedicated website (like the one you are planning) for a brand or type of product, is there a chance to see how the product works? like a little animation with a hand or finger using the light? Or the visitor could use the mouse pointer to physically use the “digital” version of the light (switch it on/off/go through modes)? It may sound like a weird feature request but it would help the future user a lot to “see” the features.

Thanks BG for the giveaway !

I own a S1, S2, S41, S42, MF01 and a MF02. My MF01 with Nichia LEDs is my favourite one, it has a perfect lightcolour ! :THUMBS-UP:

I own BLF A6 the Astrolux S1!

gotta give it a try to win :smiley:

I purchased both Astrolux MF01 Nichia and XPG3 also MF01 (cold and warm tints) })

i need more flashlight :}

I have/had the S2 till the wife stole it as she likes the lit button, S1 (shorty in blue) for EDC, S41 first Nichia torch I bought

Then worked up to the MF01 and MF02 as “big boy” torches.

You should add a headlight torch that runs on 18650 ideally with XHP50/70 in NW for a nice floody beam.

I like the S42. It’s one of the smallest quads and I do like the optics.

I have an S41, a copper A01 (O-L spec.ed), and a BLF A6 (Astrolux S1).
The first comes out of the drawer when my family/friends need a meet and greet with a wow-light.
The second comes out of the drawer to be looked at and to be polished (in fond memory of O-L).
The last one I just use. It gave me quite a bit of trouble out of the box but now it works like a charm.