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Thanks ya'll for the warm welcome.

Maybe I "jumped the gun" a bit, but having dealt with overseas vendors in the past, I am still a bit skeptical.

Had a bad experience with another popular vedor, D.... , and I'm truly a bit "skiddish" but will give it until 40 days with PayPal before filing a dispute.  I do realize that it takes quite a bit of "mail time" for a product to reach the U.S. from overseas,

 however, the "shipping time", in my sole and uneducated opinion, should not excede 3 working days.


Sorry if I'm a bit of a "prude", but customer service is, what I percieve, to be the heart of an on-line business.

So, to expound upon my newbie status, I'll let ya'll know what I had in mind, and had ordered:

      First, was a Solarforce L2 body from ITC.

      Next was an R2 Dropin, an XP-E dropin,

      a smooth refletor for a P-60 drop-in

      and an Aspheric lens,

      along with an assortment of O-rings and tail swithches.


I kinda felt the need to give the "basic modding" thing a go as I'm still a serious newb when it comes to LED lights.

I am after a bit more throw than my Solarforce L2 with XP-G drop-in, and felt that I might gain a bit from the combo that I had ordered, albeit, a newb's "experiment".


So there you have it.  My admission of being a true "newb" , yet one that has spent time searching multiple forums,

so please, be gentle.  I bruise easily.


Thanks for the wealth of knowledge, and I hope to be of value at some point.


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I had several orders with KD and I'm very satisfied so far. I had also an issue with a DOA Item, which was solved to my satifaction too. It's true, they miss some things on the communication side.