Primary in 4.2 driver test.

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Primary in 4.2 driver test.

The following post of How low, How often? Longest running AAA BLF Emergency light

Got me thinking (again) about primary cells and emergency light. I was going to kill some primary cells in a few of Vampire lights (low level test). But then I noticed my Duracell 123 primary setting on my work bench. Its the cell I use test reflows. Then I thought about my Partner C1 with the DrJones H17f driver. Its my favorite clicky UI>


I thought to myself. What if? Then I thought ok lets test it. But how?? From the How low? Thread there are many that use way less then a lumen. Ok for navigating in pitch dark. From the longest running AAA light thread the lumens vary by light.

Then I thought hey, I am setting her with Lumintop Tool V1 on my head with the diffuser using it as a headlamp. I can see at arms length, I can navigate the basement. I am on low(8 lumens). I also believe every EDC light should have a 8-15 lumen level.

So I set my Partner to the closest to 8 lumens I could. Ended up being 9 lumens.

Anyone interested in let say a Emisar D4 on a primary?
Anyone interested in testing other lights are welcome to post results.

RESULTS initial

9 lumens lasted for 7 hours then stepped down to 3 lumens.
3 lumens lasted for 15 hours then stepped down to 1 lumen.
1 lumen lasted 17 hours before going out.

Checked the voltage the next day and it was 2.85. Did it recover some?

I have now changed the H17F to level 4. It is still making usable light(night stand duty) on the same cell above.

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