Sofirn IF25 USB-C 2500lm Variable Temempeture 2700K-6500K quad led

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Okay, well, thanks for the feedback.

It seems the cooling tower shape is on her road to victory; clearly that explains the wider selection of offered materials too ..

Guess I m to old-school for that.
Compared with i.e. an old Tiger from the sixties or whenever that kind of flashlight was produced I appreciate the same dna, a combination of cilinders in varying diameters – just infinitely improved Big Smile
Those trumpets are a bridge to far .. for now.

@jon_slider: read you, its just that sofirn-eu didn’t put that out to me.
And yeah, titanium is absolutely heavier, but less material required, no? Is that to simple?
Thanks for your mod-demo!!

Anyway, its obvious development will go on, so I just have to keep an open eye.

Enjoy your lights everybody!

Ps: raccoon city, clear Big Smile