Tesla's new 4680 - We're gonna need a bigger flashlight

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Lightbringer wrote:
Ocelot wrote:
Rivian already does this in their R1T/R1S  models. It’s a tube style 3 mode that is hidden in the driver door. Also a detachable Bluetooth battery powered party speaker integrated with the audio system in the center console between the seats.

Ah, good, I was right. LOL

As weird as it was, the Pontiac Aztek had a shiiteload of good stuff attached, depending on the model you got. One had a built-in canopy/tent/whatever for camping, tailgating goodies, etc. Dunno about bluetooth speakers, though.

People bitched about its looks, yet the Nissan Juke was even uglier, yet never got as trashed about its looks as the Aztek.

Breaking bad did the Aztec a lot of favors, even though it was discontinued by then.
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Ocelot wrote:

JamesB wrote:
Is this cell ever gonna be available outside tesla ? It seems it’s paired with their own technology and plan to integrate and ramp up battery production in house, and Tesla is already limited in prodcution by the amount of batteries they can buy so i don’t see them making it available to retaillers. Will Panasonic or Catl ever produce a dry electrode tabless 4680 or even a 4680 remains to be seen.


I think James has a strong point. It’s fun to conjecture about flashlight applications but the reality is Tesla is scrambling to produce enough for their in house applications. They are hugely delayed in ramping up 4680 packs across their model lines, especially the ever so delayed Semi and Cybertruck. I think outside of the Tesla factory availability will be nil, which renders flashlight applications a moot point. It’s fun to dream, though….

BAK showed pre-production 4680s last spring and claimed they would be in full production by, well, now. LG and Panasonic have publicly stated they will make them, for whatever that’s worth.

Will Tesla try to use all the capacity of all those manufacturers for a while? Most likely, but that was probably the exact same situation as the 21700 initally, too. No guarantees a much bigger, more expensive battery will go the same way, but I gots lotsa 21700s and lights that use them. So, Ima keep dreaming.

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Casemods wrote:
Can anyone mock up a size comparison picture with an 18650?

Panasonic’s mockup was shared part way up the same page of this thread. Was there a different way you are hoping to see them compared?