Tesla's new 4680 - We're gonna need a bigger flashlight


That’s gonna make for some big torches. Unless it doesn’t.

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Tesla has unveiled its new battery cell, now known as the 4680, at its Battery Day event.

The new cell is bigger, offers six times the power of Tesla’s previous cells, and five times the energy capacity. /quote

That’s gonna make for some big torches. Unless it doesn’t./quote

I'll take six 46mm x 80mm Li Ion in a 18 x 90.2 flashlight, please, thank you.

I like the cut of your jib.

I’ll take a single-battery soda-can Q8 v2.

I wonder what the capacity and max current will be? They say 6x and 5x, but 6x and 5x of what?

I watched part of the presentation. They stated it as 5x capacity and a 6x current of a 21700 cell. As a reality check, note that a 46mm x 80mm cylinder is 5.5 times the volume of a 21mm x 70mm cylinder.

They indicated one of the important aspects of scaling the power output with the capacity and the volume is the surprisingly difficult task of improving the electrical connection between the “jelly roll” and the battery can. The current method of using a tab at the end of the roll presents electrical and thermal problems. They’re working on a folding method that allows the edges of the entire roll to contribute area to the electrical connection, so that the tab size and length of the electrode roll don’t become major restrictions on current flow.

I gather that this is part of why they say the new optimal size is 46800, where as a few years ago, they said the optimal size was 21700.

Tab-less looks amazing. I would surmise that 2170 was optimal for the old tabbed design. But 4680 is optimal for the tab-less design.

4680 is no different from soda can lights. I demand a remake of Courui D01

I’d take a 20Ah 210A 4680. Actually, I would prefer a 25Ah 60A , but not by much. That’s a lot of runtime for moonlight mode.

By my crude measurements, the q8 battery compartment is a little too narrow, and, obviously, too short for a 4680. And I, for one, welcome our new soda can light overlords.

I am less then an hour from the TESLA factory, I got to go visit! My cousin has already been and he said there are no words to describe just how big it is. I personally think there would be a big market for the new cell in flashlights. Could you imagine the runtimes! Yeah, everything would have to be reconfigured but that’s future technology and I am ready :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, I’ll take a duel cell single emitter flashlight please, running a 1000 or whatever lumens till the cows come home :stuck_out_tongue: 5 times the energy with 6 times the power!! :open_mouth:

They said a lot of impressive stuff, but the 5x, 6x isn’t one of them. The volume increase is probably about 5x to 6x.

46mm diameter seems too big even for a soda can light. Usually when they advertise 5x capacity, it is likely 4x capacity in reality and if that is the case, this is not a break through at all.

Unless my quick calculation is wrong, 4x18650 has ~51 mm or more (depending on the maximum supported cell diameter). 46mm is great for soda can lights.

Is this cell ever gonna be available outside tesla ? It seems it’s paired with their own technology and plan to integrate and ramp up battery production in house, and Tesla is already limited in prodcution by the amount of batteries they can buy so i don’t see them making it available to retaillers.

Will Panasonic or Catl ever produce a dry electrode tabless 4680 or even a 4680 remains to be seen.

The volume increases by 5,48, the capacity only by 5. So the main improvement might be in how these can be stacked together Or maybe the capacity is larger at high/low discharge rates?

Should be sqrt(2*18^2)+18, about 44 mm.

I stand corrected.
So it’s larger than 4x18650 but only marginally and carrier-based designs are larger still.

Without play :

3×18650 : 38.8mm
4×18650 : 43.5mm
3×21700 : 45.4mm
4×21700 : 50.7mm

Yeah, good replacement for 4x18650.

The MF01 tube has 45mm inner diameter, otherwise in length it would have fit inside, too bad it could have been a good host to mod this in.

46mm is only slightly bigger than the interior of a Q8.

And if it really is (and I realize that’s a big if) 5x the capacity, it’s smaller than 4x21700 for 5x the capacity. Maybe not a revolution, but, it sounds like a good evolution. Based on what they said, it’s possible the real breakthrough they’re hoping for is in price, especially once production ramps up. I wouldn’t complain about that, either, if it trickles down to us.

It looks like the most common 21700 used by Tesla today is a 48G 4800 mah 9.6A. So, 24 Ah, 57.6 A max current is the target.