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Yeh, the only NC light I know of that has and probably still has a parasitic drain issue is The Cave Man (EA8), but that takes 4/8 AA alkaleaks. Which is even worse, ‘cause a week later you can end up with the runt of the litter puking its guts out in your nice pricey light, ruining it.

My DV-S9s have about a 10mA parasitic drain for the Hall effect sensor, so that’ll run down a 26650 in about 3wks. Which is perfectly reasonable, because it needs to sense the small magnet in the slider through the case and up to a half-inch away, not like the kinds of lights which have the sensors right under the skin and only need to sense a tenth of that distance.

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Lightbringer wrote:
nottawhackjob wrote:
Funtastic wrote:
Just unscrew the tail unless you want a discharged battery after 30 days
Is this twoo?

Ain’t saying it’s not, but I never noticed.

1 – I never leave long-term lights with cells in ‘em, not even “locked out” (ano can wear through).

2 – If they’re “active duty”, I notice when they’re getting low and charge ‘em, or top ‘em off if “it’s been a while”.

I could ask my gf, see if she noticed anything. That became her purse-light for a while, iirr.

I hate this post…mainly because there is likely truth to it & I look across at a shelf with filled with lights 50” wide with light sitting 3 & 4 deep. They ALL have cells in them, I manually lock all my lights but I should probably remove all the cells. It just a hellova lotta cells to put somewhere. Facepalm


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as above, C&W song by Funtastic:

“Just unscrew the tail”