[Review] Nitecore P20iX (4 XP-L2, tactical floodlight 21700, double interface, USB-C)

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[Review] Nitecore P20iX (4 XP-L2, tactical floodlight 21700, double interface, USB-C)

I received the Nitecore P20iX from Nitecore for the review.

The P20iX is a 21700 powered (battery is provided) tactical Flashlight, featuring 4 x CREE XP-L2 V6 LEDs and is controlled by 2 switches at the tailcap. The provided 21700 is rechargeable via USB-C Port.
The P20iX has 2 different interfaces, one intended for EDC and another for tactical uses.

The P20iX comes in this box

The P20iX is held in place nicely in precut foam.

Under the foam there’s a separate yellow cardboard box containing all the accessories.

The accessories: CR123 adapter, sheath, clip, spare O-rings, USB-C cable, manual and warranty card.

The P20iX measures 141 mm in length, with a head diameter of 32 mm and a weight of 115 grams without the battery, 192 grams with the battery.

The 4 XP-L2 cool white emitters at the head, with 4 reflectors fused together. Note also the bezel with 3 glass braking elements embedded in it.

At the tailcap we have a classic forward switch that allows momentary on, and a flat electronic switch.

At the head the P20iX features a battery status indicator and the USB-C port for charging the battery

The only part I could remove from the light is the tailcap, that has triangular cut anodized threads (so physical lockout is possible).

The peculiar construction of the tailcap of the P20iX

That is reflected on the proprietary 21700 battery

The plastic sheath for the P20iX keeps the light very securely in place, and allows the light to be inserted in the sheath only in one position

The sheath has a clip that allows the sheath to be mounted on a belt (it has a stopper for using belts with different width) or on a MOLLE system. It weights 34 grams (the light with battery and sheath weights 226 grams)

The UI

Output and runtime
Both measured with the provided 5000mAh battery


The beam is very wide, with a large hotspot. There’s a “crown” shape at the outer edge of the spill due to the shape of the 4 fused reflectors.

Video Beamshots

Thermal Video

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
The tested levels are well regulated and there is a thermal sensor that limits the output depending on the temperature of the internal components, and it works well.
I like that the P20iX is able to sustain consistent output without drastic stepdown, even when not cooled (this is very clear in the Higher/High plots). This is also due to the large capacity (5000mAh) of the included 21700 battery.
The peculiar UI has 6 levels with good spacing (considering that the light goes from 1 to more than 4000 lumens). The double UI allows to fit the needs of different people, with the limitation that in EDC mode the Turbo mode can only be activated momentarily when the light is already on, and in tactical mode you don’t have access to the Higher level (but constantly on turbo is possible).

I wish there was a shortcut for lowest mode.
I like the sheath; it keeps the light very securely in place and requires an intense and deliberate effort to free the light.

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