Silencing the Liitokala Lii-600 (stop the beeping!)

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Silencing the Liitokala Lii-600 (stop the beeping!)

I was in the market for a new charger recently, and decided to try out Liitokala’s Lii-600 after using their Lii-500 for so long.
The temperature sensors, wider range of charge/discharge rates, and ability to accommodate 4×26650 were all nice new features.

But…there was one feature that bothered me immensely, with every button press and charge completion.
The beeping.
Oh, the beeping.

It would’ve liked a silent mode for this charger. No matter, though!
I decided to crack open the charger and silence it myself! All I needed was a Phillips screwdriver with a narrow shaft (~3mm).

Step 1: Remove the back

  • There are 7 screws to remove – 4 are under the rubber feet

Step 2: Remove the main PCB

  • Unhook the springs on the battery slots
  • Lift the PCB up and toward the side the display is on – there’s a ribbon cable on that side
  • No need to unhook the ribbon cable – it’s long enough to not get in the way

Step 2a: Check the temperature sensors!

  • While you have the charger open, check the angle of the temperature sensors on the other side of the circled area
  • I found 2 of mine were bent downward, and not properly sticking up into the thermal paste below the metal plates

Step 3: Remove the control/display PCB

  • There are 6 screws to remove
  • The display is only attached to the PCB by a couple wires, so don’t be surprised if it drops as you lift it

Step 4: Disconnect the piezoelectric buzzer

  • I just added a circle of paper in case I change my mind later

And that’s all! Afterward, just reverse the steps you did and the charger should be good to go.
Remember to be gentle when replacing the screws, since they can strip the plastic hole easily.

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Good instructions!

To make sure you dont strip the plastic holes, i have learnt a trick from a person who does repairs on all sorts of instruments and medical devices.

Insert the screw and gently rotate it the reverse position (counter clockwise) you will feel a very gentle ‘click’ when it rotates over the entrance of the first (plastic) thread.

Now you know the screw is aligned with the thread and the screw should easily screw in. When you feel too much resistance, try again to avoid ripping the threads.

If you use this trick, you’ll never have to rip a plastic thread again.

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Yokiamy wrote:

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Nicely done Serlite… thank you. ✅