WTS some flashlights and stuff / Nebraska

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WTS some flashlights and stuff / Nebraska

You may offer low if you like (assume your offer covers shipping and tax) but don’t expect me to respond if unimpressed.

Maybe you’ll get lucky, interest in more than one item will help get a lower price, but not horribly interested in selling the E07x or GT94 cheap. It’s not worth it to me to mail off less than $30 in stuff honestly


Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gbLHTqgMFDhGM2kD9
BLF GT94 (package deal – 440 light, 50 case, free strap (streamlight)) =$500, optional lightly used $60 8x button top 30q’s that came from illumn and been stored in fridge. You can see it has been dropped on a slab of concrete. Works fine, lens looked fine
The light and its 30Q’s have not been through more than 2 full charges.
I think the reflector is smooth, but it doesn’t look PERFECTLY smooth, which is disappointing given Lumintop’s scam pricing.
Extra MACRO photos
Glass is somehow not scratched. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dGtggt6cqvM1PQmG7

E07 219b – $55 (retail 65) – minor lens scuff/scratching (won’t affect beam, looks worse in macro photo than life)
Extra MACRO photos including S2+

Convoy M21A “C8 version host with 17mm driver adapter”, 5 amps SST20 95 cri FB4, heavily used, lens scuffs/scratches but nothing deep, poorly modified with a different switch cause forward sucks, so clicking takes some more work, and been dropped a lot) – $20 – can do 15 if combining other stuff (retail 28)
I would assume around 750 lumens out the front, you can shoot coons from 120 yards…

Convoy S2+ 3200ma SST20 FB4 – like new $15

E07x SST20 FA4 – 80, not going to budge unless I really really need money or you buying more stuff

(CS gim on left – 160, functional and sharp, sorry had to throw that in there!)
I also have an unused 14×14 Guide Gear Teepee Tent ETP3-1414. $120 (retails around 160+tax, shipping calcs tell me it’s a whopping $43 minimum in the sample area code I used)

Thread/signature will be updated as items are sold (not only listing here).

Favorite lights:

Fireflies NOV-MU 21 4500k E21A

Fireflies NOV-MU 21 200k E21A

Fireflies ROT66 219B SW45 D220

Fireflies E07 Copper 219B SW45k? (odd/higher lumen bin with lower r9 and higher cct?)

Fireflies E07x Pro sst20 FA4 4000k 


CRI test dump https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kcl_uOhgfpR4RSsa8F4b-UUVP9mkL6Cr...

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