Your best / favorite / coolest flashlight of 2021

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Emisar D4V2 CuZn
Olight Warrior mini 2 Ti

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Lumintop FWAA. It has hardly left me since I got it. It's beyond smaller than I could have imagined them making. It's not really an EDC due to the flood but it hasn't prevented me from taking it everywhere.


Astrolux EA01 (Mateminco MT01). Bought 3 TIR throwers in 2021 and the EA01 is my favorite. Or at least by far my most used. The others are fun but not practical. The EA01 has a usable beam up close and I've seen some IF22A posts as well so there's a lot of fans of TIR throwers with larger hotspots than Osrams produce. And it has the benefit of Anduril that none of the others have, until the DM11 debuts.

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Bort wrote:
puglife2 wrote:
Convoy 3×21A sbt90.2 red Steve

I tought i saw an Alien.

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makapuu wrote:
Emisar D4Sv2 W2

Emisar DT8 XPL Hi 4000k

I have a Mateminco MT70 Mini SFN55.2 coming in for a landing in about 2 days.
Got the SamSung 30T’s warming up.
Getting a mean hunch this light will make my favorite list.

Update: Yep, the Mateminco MT70 Mini SFN55.2 easily makes my list.
The beam is flawless (no dark rings, crosses or halo’s. I have the Black Bezel, OP reflector) and it throws really well.
It’s balanced when you’re holding it, and the 26650 body size feels good in your hand.
If they come out with nice warmer tint’s, that would be the icing on the cake for me.

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FWAA ti/cu

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Despite that it has half the throw that I hoped for, my favourite and coolest flashlight is still the Lumintop Ant Man. I wanted a pocket-sized LEP light since LEP started and Lumintop did make one Thumbs Up . It looks great, 77 kcd is still amazing for a small pants-pocket-size light (40% more than the Jacob A60, my thrower reference of old), the beam is the nicest of the 3 LEP lights that I own (and a relief compared to the distracting square beams of my aspherics), and because of the underwhelming output/throw, the current is under 1 amp which gives it more than an hour runtime.

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I have to add the Olight Baton 3. 1200 lumens. 20 days at 5 lumens.

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Astrolux EA01. Wanted to try the TIR. Now, the shorty 26350 version is my most used light. It just feels right in the hand. Even ordered a couple more.

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Bought 1, was impressed. Bought 2 more to gift them.

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xevious wrote:
Bort wrote:
puglife2 wrote:
Convoy 3×21A sbt90.2 red Steve

I tought i saw an Alien.


I did, i did see a putty tat.

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