A Great Little Giveaway ---- SOFIRN

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Sells good batteries and lanterns! Hope for smaller lanterns that last long!

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Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Sofirn makes some really nice products. I think the lanterns specifically are really cool. My critique is a branding/marketing one: the “logo”. The logo is pretty boring – a basic font, no kerning, looks like it just got typed out and put on the light. Even worse, the capitalization of the “S” in “sofirn” is inconsistent – some products capitalize it, and others don’t. At a minimum, the capitalization should be uniform throughout all products.

I think that slightly more interesting branding would lead to better results from a sales perspective, particularly on Amazon.

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I think Sofirn SP10 V3.0 is great, I already have two old version.

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You can feel the wishes of people around the world, I love that! High on Sofirn C01S. Looking forward to re-release! But most of all I’m looking forward to sp10pro

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I haven’t got my hands on a 2021 product yet, but my D25LR just shipped – after shopping around it looks like the best choice for my outdoor needs and I’m looking forward to it!

Personally I want simple products without unwanted features that get in the way. Reliability and high quality illumination are key, and I think you provide these.

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Thanks te GAW!
My second Sofirn light is a LT1. Great lantern, better than many others on the market. I hope many more lanterns are made like the LT1 or even the LT1S.

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My expectations for the following year include an LT2 featuring a red channel.

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Thanks for the giveaway!
I echo the voice of many here when I commend Sofirn for seeking feedback from their customers and great minds here on BLF, and using that feedback to improve and expand their product line.

The flashlight market is competitive with new things coming out all the time (like the WW1 weapons technology race) and sofirn has done great at always moving forward and staying in the race and not being stagnant.

My favorite things from sofirn this year: LH351D, 4000k, and boost drivers! (I love my sp31 v2.0 and I hope you will make a 21700 version!)

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Thanks for doing a GAW.
Just started in the hobby and the first few lights I bought were Sofirn. Quality, value and features made them stand out. I still keep looking at the website to see for new additions.

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RichH wrote:
RobertB wrote:
Replace the cool white bank of emitters on the LT1 with red for camping use. Rework the firmware to switch between the two.

Like this?


Just went out of stock unfortunately at AE and not even listed on Sofirnlight anymore, no pics or anything.

I have one ordered, happy to share my thoughts when it arrives.

Yes, like that. Please share your thoughts. Post a review in a new thread, and maybe there will be enough interest in Sofirn to continue to make it. Basically based on the Fenix CL30R with a red channel. Thumbs Up

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Most lights are in Basic Black, maybe a few other colors like green, tan, etc., but what’d really be a hoot would be (more) Flashlights Of Color (FOC) in purple, pink, orange, gold, etc.

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I love the IF22A, I am planning on getting one.
The SC31 Pro is by far my favorite flashlight, I have two of my own, and gifted 6 more to friends and family.
I hope the SC21 Mini with Anduril will arive soon, I got an SC21 mini for my friend and I am just waiting for the anduril version to get one.

FT03 XHP50.2 / MF01 Mini SST20 4000K / HL3A Nichia 219C 4000K / Astrolux W3 LEP / Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000K / Wurkkos WK01 / Sofirn HS10 / Wurkkos TS21 / Boruit S11

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I’m in with a grin. 
sofirn makes great lights & I have had positive dealings with them over the last couple of years. 
I agree with others that the LT1 have red emitters like your new LT1S.
I look forward to seeing reviews of the LT1S before I buy one. 

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What do you think about Sofirn this year? What progress and changes have you noticed that we’ve made in the past year, and what needs to be improved?

Overall I can certainly say the interaction with this forum have been very welcome and it seems like you seem to interact more and more, which is very nice! I really like the sneak-peaks at things you guys are working on, and IMO you may for sure share more pictures and stuff Innocent

I like how you seem to refine the well-selling flashlights but also bring out new stuff (IF22A is something I would like to pick up, if you launch an Anduril 2 version, and the D25R is another very interesting headlamp).

Over the past year I’m very happy that powerbank functionality seems to be added to every new light, and that USB-C-C charging works very well. Also good to see USB-C almost everywhere, but I’d prefer it if the port could be hidden behind some screw-cap instead of a rubber flap.

Some other things that would make your lights even more awesome (certainly for other forum members, maybe not so much for the general public):

  • AUX RGB LED’s in the front optic and behind the switch (with Anduril 2)
  • Flashing pads
  • Constant current driver so the brightness stays the same over the whole battery-voltage range

What do you think is best thing that we’ve done this year? What new expectations for Sofirn do you have for the new year?

I’m really happy with the Q8 Pro I recently got, what a beast! I also love the new white + red headlamps! And I must say I look forward to the release of the bigger LT1 with red LED’s and to the LT1 mini Big Smile

Keep up the awesome work guys, I’ve bought a ton of lights over the last two years and I’ll certainly keep buying more Innocent

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I think your portfolio ist still lacking a “granny light”. Several Posts have shown, that there is demand. I hope this project will BE picked up again…

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Thanks for the giveaway Sofirn!

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So far I only own the C01s and that was the first time I got in contact with your band.

I love titanium flashlights, so Ti editions would be awesome. Availability is key and access to the products should be good/great.

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cool thanks, Merry Christmas

This space intentionally left blank…..

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Thanks for the GAW Sofirn!

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IF22A = Superb.

Great little light.

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Thanks for the giveaway, Sofirn!

I’ve been quite happy with the variety of lights you’ve put out this year. It seems you’ve been taking feedback on designs and have been trying to fill gaps in your product line.
I hope to see more collaborative projects in the future. There are a number of ongoing BLF projects right now, and I’d like to see them come to fruition!

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Longtime lurker, short time joiner so I don’t qualify for the drawing, but I just wanted to say that I am HUGE fan of the usb-c to usb-c charging! Thank you for including that in the new lights! Keep up the great work!


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Thanks for the giveaway, Sofirn!
LT1S was a good idea.
i like that batteries are included. Thumbs Up

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Thanks for the Giveaway!
I own several SP10’s and one SC31 that I take to work with me everyday. Its holding up very well.
I think adding Anduril to your lights is one of the best moves you every made and making some of BLF’s projects come to life is very much appreciated.

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Merry Christmas! Party

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2021 – D25LR is the best value for money headlamp.
2022 – would like to see a tail e-switch only, Anduril based, 18650 tube light (SC31 Pro, but with tail switch).

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I like the colored Sofirn flashlighs in green and blue.

Please consider selling hosts of your flashlights again, for example of the Q8 and the LT1.

It would be nice if you could use more high cri leds, the XHP50 and XHP70 are quite nice with 90 CRI. For the new year, it would be great if Sofirn could bring out the LT1 mini and maybe a successor of the IF25 with tint ramping and maybe also more leds. Also, I would love to see a high power flashlight with 7 or 8 XHP70.2 from Sofirn.

Thank you for the giveaway.

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Thanks for the opportunity.
My best purchase from you this year was the HS05. I really like the size of this headlamp, the only thing I don’t understand is why you didn’t fit it with an OP reflector. And it would be nice to have a TIR version of it.

What I think would be good to improve, for example, is that every torch should have a button light that can be enabled so that it can be found in the dark.

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Things from Sofirn in 2021 that I really liked:

  • Adopting Anduril 2
  • Good use of USB-C charging
  • Nice lights like the IF22A and SP35

Things that could still be worked on:

  • Adopting attiny1616 (one big benefit: factory calibrated thermal sensor)
  • Better thermal regulation of non-Anduril lights (no timed stepdowns, correcting the rapid up-and-down behavior of some lights)
  • More buck and boost drivers for better efficiency (like the SP35)

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Thanks for the giveaway. My SP40 is my go to light around the house.