Giveaway: Rider RX 7075-AL AA/14500 EDC Flashlight with Fidget

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Giveaway: Rider RX 7075-AL AA/14500 EDC Flashlight with Fidget

Hello BLF members,

A new giveaway is released.

Simple enter:
Post the picture about your Acebeam Products,


Comment your favorite Acebeam model.

You will have the chance to win one of our newest releases, the Rider RX 7075-Aluminum Alloy. One winner will be picked randomly when the different ID REPLY is reached #200.

Good luck to all of you!

Learn more:

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I’m in. Thanks for the GAW.

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My favourite Acebeam would probably be the X70, if i had one.

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I would choose E70 with FC40 LED for High CRI as my favourite – but the Rider looks very good as well for lighter EDC.

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I’m in.

Never had an Acebeam, but the L35 looks promising.

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E70 in Ti would be my favourite Acebeam product. No… the E16 in copper. Oh no… the X70 for the huge power. But this new Rider… wow…

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I’m in too.
Can’t go with one light, but E10 is a good edc.


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So far this is my favourite product from Acebeam:

If I win a Rider RX, I guess it will become my favourite one, instead Innocent Party Big Smile

Thanks for the GAW and I’m in Thumbs Up

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Favorite is the Acebeam H40

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I’ve wanted an x45 for years, but don’t really like the emitters. If Acebeam made a similar form factor light with better CRI I would buy one in a heartbeat.

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A second chance! I don’t own one but it would probably be the PT40. Funny but it was brought up in a thread here not long ago and just last week I got to see one in person carried by a city inspector. It’s unique in form and much much better than any of the similar lights using cob arrays. I may buy one of those for myself for work, adding to the other two that I use most often. Thanks for another giveaway!

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Thanks for the chance…

My favourite Acebeam product is infact the
Rider RX 7075-Aluminum Alloy.

I dont have it buy I really want to.

I love the AA format.

Good luck everyone. Thanks again

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TK16 packs a punch and so many features in such a small package and is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway!

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I just put the Acebeam H40 Mini Headlamp on my Amazon wishlist.

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Rider RX 7075-AL Love

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Rider RX 7075-AL would also be my favourite haha.

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My mom likes the H40 I got her for Christmas.

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I’m in. E70 is my favorite Acebeam, but the Rider RX is quite interesting to me.

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I still dont own any of your brand products, so this time It could be the chance to hace one!

I am in LOVE with the Rider RX 7075-AL..

Thanks thanks thanks a lot!

Enjoy BLF

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My favourite model is ACEBEAM K30-GT.

The K30-GT combines brightness, long range and compact format in an excellent way. But It is a real difficult choice among all models from my favourite brand.

Tank you for this opportunity Acebeam!






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I like the TK17-TI 18350 battery makes it small and the Ti makes it light
I don’t have a Acebeam yet will this GAW be my first?
Thanks for the giveaway

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Ooh, I like to fidget.

Favorite Acebeams are my EC50s, 1 stock and 1 modded.

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Not possible to pick a single favorite but the H50 looks interesting.

Thanks for another giveaway, Acebeam!

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I dream of getting myself a fantastic ACEBEAM X80GT 2 LOL

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I enjoy pocket lights and am glad that Acebeam continues to make such offerings.

Thanks Acebeam.

On the light side.

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Gotta catch em all, Rider RX Big Smile

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My favourite is the Rider RX 7075-AL.

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I own 2 Acebeam lights.
K40M and K75
Great lights, top notch quality.
K75 is perfect thrower.

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EC 65 with Nichia. I use it almost every day. Great flood, great color rendering.

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My favourite light out of all mine is the copper tk16.