**Sale Suspended - Moving** Various Lights For Sale

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**Sale Suspended - Moving** Various Lights For Sale

We’re moving, these have been packed up. I may restart the sale when we get settled in, but it will be a while (months) Thanks!!!!

Various lights for sale, My health is bad and getting worse so it’s time get some things done. My wife likes flashlights, but isn’t a Flashoholic so I want to sell the “enthusiast grade” lights and leave her with a smaller collection of easier to use lights. So, PM offers or trades. I’m not really looking for anything except a PeopleBird Flute light. But you never know.

Fine Print: First “I’ll Take It”, lights are not posted anywhere else. No boxes, batteries or accessories unless specified. Prices are net, and do not include shipping. I only have Paypal for payment. but also can take a USPS money order. I can combine items for the lowest shipping cost. I can usually ship the next day or two. Lights are in like new to excellent condition, the pics will show any defects. Some of these are older and you may not be familiar, please check out the links for more info

This is a lot of effort for me, please forgive the pics, lots of dust that looks like defects, and the pics make actual defects look worse, I think the lack of sharp focus does that. Anyway, if you are unhappy with something it can be returned for a refund.

These two old Fenix lights work perfectly and are like new. Can’t be many still in this condition, they were made in the mid 2000’s and among the first LED lights available.
Fenix P1D with Leef clicky body. Like new $95 // P1 and P1D Combo $150
Review – http://67-20-93-49.unifiedlayer.com/flashlightreviews/reviews/fenix_p1d.htm

Fenix P1 Tan like new $75 // P1 and P1D Combo $150
Review – https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/first-impressions-fenix-p1-3w-led-fl...

Lumintop EDC 05 like new includes Lumintop battery $25

Nightwatch NI40 Stalker 2019 26650 XHP50 some very minor flaws $75

Nightwatch NSX4 Extreme 26800, like new, I will include a battery for this one. $75

Niwalker Vinh upgraded BK-FA02 Vostro. Strobe disabled, battery carrier upgrade. Only MT-G2 thrower I know of, has a nice beam $75
Description – https://goinggear.com/products/niwalker-black-light-vostro-bk-fa02-cree-...

Surefire C2 black with Z32 shock bezel, older version without all the text $175

Surefire D3 black in very good condition. The D series are like the P series, but have a clip like a C series. This and the Z3 have the lowest number production numbers $175
Description – http://flashlightguide.com/2013/06/fact-sheet-surefire-d3-guardian-d3-de...
CPF discussion thread on this model -

FourSevens Preon MKII solid copper, has metal button, like new with some patina $55

—————————————————-Sold Lights Below————————————————————
LambdaLights VaraPower Turbo V3 $150

SolarForce Gladiator and K3 head, I can’t find the box with all the other parts (bezel, dummy cells) You’ll need one dummy cell to use this head. $125
I do have the box and parts somewhere, and when that stuff gets gone through it can/will be sent to the buyer. No time frame and no guarantee of that though.

Wildtrail WT90, with box and instructions, like new $150

Frelux Synergy 2, all black, has brass finish upgrade clip and knobs, has a bit of ano wear on the back see pics $175

FourSevens / Fellhoelter Mini-Bolt Like new $95
Description – https://fellhoelter.com/products/mini-bolt-light-aaa

Fireflies E12 sand color, has a couple marks on the tailcap $95

Surefire Tactician Head on VitalGear FB2 body. Head works as it should, twist to get high output, has a band of glow paint that can be removed $75

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I’ll take the Fellhoelter and Tactician please.

Current Collection:

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I’ll take the WT90 and synergy. I’m also interested in the fireflies e12. What are the emitters? PM me with package deal please

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I’ll take backup on the wt90

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If the E12 still is available I’ll take it!

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The lambda is cool

I have the first vpt 2.0

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MasterNate wrote:
I’ll take backup on the wt90

I’ll take thirds if this somehow becomes available again! Willing to trade a TN42 V2 for it as well.

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2nd’s on the e12.

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in for the Solarforce stuff, sent you a PM

I am still on the search for a few things:

Solarforce L2-S12 tailcap
Solarforce L2-S11 tailcap
Solarforce A001 Head
Solarforce Y2 Zoomable Flashlight
Solarforce L2E Flashlight
Solarforce P1 Yellow
Solarforce K3 TurboHead

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3rd for the fireflies Crying