Organe peel reflector for Wurkkos FC12

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Organe peel reflector for Wurkkos FC12

Heya folks, is it possible to get alternative (oragne peel) reflector for my Wurkkos FC12, I would like to have something with less pronouced difference between hotspot and spill.

Sized as on pictures bellow.


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You could try d-c-fix instead.

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Do you have an old Convoy S2 around? Those had deeper reflectors than the S2+. Will the straight diameter work in the host or does it need that small reduction on the lower half?

I think KD’s measurements are probably more accurate but here are the listings from both Simon and KD:

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Diffusion film would be the easiest and most reversible.

Or, you can get clear lacquer and do the spritz method of, well, spritzing the reflector. Pretty much irreversible, though.

And if you have The Holy Sock, you can learn via video, too.

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