Testing those Ebay 3000mAh AA Batteries your tempted to buy ....

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TSellers wrote:
heyho said:
2 x AA GP recykos, and 4 x AA Eneloops. Now, I thought the GP batts were pretty good, but the camera spat them out before I could take a shot.

I thought I should comment that my experience differs, and if I recall correctly, did not HKJ test the Recyko’s?

Anyway, I have had very good results from my GP AA and AAA Recyko batteries in both flash units and my SPark SD52 headlamp, as I also have Eneloops, I can say they are almost the same except the GP’s give me about 10% more run time.

If you are tempted to not consider GP due to heyho’s ad hoc comment, I’d suggest you do more research before you potentially talk yourself out of better value for your dollar.