[05-AUG-2014] Maintenance finished

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the downtime during the past several hours. I have been re-configuring the server infrastructure to perform better and use less resources. I hope this will be more performant for everyone.

Thanks for your patience! Have fun.

Thanks, Sb!

My pleasure. Thanks for saying thanks!

Glad it's back online now, Thank you!

Thank you for everything :slight_smile:

Thank You , Working Good Here.

Thanks SB! BLF seems to be performing slick and quick. :bigsmile:

Thank you sb.


Thank you for all your work, and for contributing to the tone and feeling of this place, which is tops. Thanks.

Thanks SB! Snappy and happy here :slight_smile:

My friend , you've created a place

At the front of the grand lumen race

And it keeps us all vexed

Wondering what happens next

While enjoying the thrill of the chase

We're expanding our vast knowledge base

Watching eagerly every test case

All the people here share

And add their special flair

And we owe it all to your grace

Thanks , sb

Thanks for all your behind the scenes work, sb!

^^ This, gents, is what I call style! Thanks very much!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No style here but thanks anyway. When you are updating your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Thank you, sb! :party:

BLF is working great now.