[06/03/2020 New Release] XTAR PB2C- Born for 18650 batteries

As the first 8 slots universal battery charger in the history of XTAR, VC8 is a type-C smart charger that could charge 8x21700 protected battery simultaneously and built-in capacity test function. Now it’s officially released on November 08, 2019 and XTAR VCB also available on Amazon.com for only $39.99

The XTAR VC8 multi-slot universal battery charger is one of the best chargers. Different from other 8 bay battery chargers. XTAR VC8 applied the most popular Type-C port, compatible with most phone adapters on the market, no more need for another. Support QC3.0 fast charging, max 3A for a single slot when your batteries are inserted in CH1 & CH8.

XTAR VC8 is capable of charging up 8x21700 protected batteries at the same time, meaning that you would no longer worry about charging the amount of 21700 batteries! It has a unique vertical stand arrangement, and the 8 charging bays are controlled independently, with battery power levels detected independently. In grading mode (for CH1-CH4), the charger tests batteries’ real capacity by “charging-discharging-charging” the batteries, so that users can know whether the battery capacity is overstated or not, and also distinguish good-performance batteries with the bad one. Giving you a better experience of vaping.

XTAR VC8 can automatically detect the status of the battery then give the battery to the appropriate current. Besides the intelligent charging, the charger also has 5 optional currents-3A/2A/1A/0.5A/0.25A for users to choose from according to different needs. We can do it fast and yes we also can do it slowly. With high-definition VA LCD screen, all you need to do just simply pop your battery in, all popular battery types used for vaping are compatible. Whether you need to charge Li-ion or even Ni-MH / Ni-CD batteries, the VC8 makes the job easier than ever.

To sum up, the XTAR VC8 is the perfect multi-functional battery charger when the number of mods you own surpasses recharging more than 4x 18650’s or any of the other vape batteries currently making in-roads into the vape community.

XTAR products and VC8 are sold at Amazon, eBay, Shopee & Aliexpress. To learn more about VC8, please click VC8 or visit: http://www.xtar.cc/product/XTAR-VC8-Charger-125.html


Nice, i keep thinking of excuses as to why i need another charger i only have 5! :smiley:
and i just got the PB2s which i love.

Nice charger Xtar im interested.

Looks nice, I like the voltage and capacity display, much better than percentage.

Few questions if you don’t mind…

What is the max charge rate fully populated? 0.5A?

Will it charge 26650 cells even if less due to overlap?

Will it charge from a standard (iPhone/Anker etc) type C charger and C to C cable?

Such timing… My 8 bay Miboxer(s) are supposed to arrive today.

It mentions a ‘vertical stand arrangement’. Is there an accessory foot included to keep it from tipping forward?

With my quick testing of the Xtar VC8 charger, these are my observations:

Assuming using a USB power source with QC2/9v output:
- only 1 slot populated, max charge rate is 3A (only slot 1 & 8 support this, but only 1 of them can charge at 3A at a time),
- only 2 slots populated, max charge rate is 2A
- 3-4 slots populated, max charge rate is 1A
- 5-8 slots populated, max charge rate is 0.5A

-user selectable charge current (3A/2A/1A/0.5A/0.25A), subject to above
-slots 1-4 are linked (select 1 charge rate) and slots 5-8 are linked (can select another charge rate)

Type-C to type-C cable with type-C charger doesn't work as is, as per my test (similar to the LT1 lantern USB-C port)

That’s spot on, thanks for your input dta :+1:

Hmmmm ,

In the future , I would really like to see a plug for a 12v source … ( Or higher )
I understand that USB is sort of trendy , but ! A 8 slot charger is going to want some power .
Really could see this charger doing some heavy duty work , but not VIA USB .

* , only just started playing …

Pictured are two 5v USB mains adaptors , using a Y USB cable so I can draw power from both .
Had to order a 9v adaptor and another ( better ) 5v adaptor .
Plan to use the Y cable on the new 5v wall adapter as its a 6 port … Might have 2x 2.5A ports , but I doubt either would put out more than 1.5A … ( So hopefully true 3A capability )
Unless you want to shell out $$ , not many serious USB power sources out there .

I guess you could cobble something together if you made a custom C cable and fitted it to a dedicated power supply … ( ? )
But why not just add a plug so you can use a real power supply ? ( 10 to 15 volt range ? )
I really like the VC8 , but it’s seriously hampered by what ever source of power one uses .

Hi!! Today we are going to release another new product of PB series!!

Hi, sorry for the delay.

The VC8 can reach 3A when the battery is charging in slot 1 or 8. Max 2A when charging 2 batteries and 1A for charging 4 batteries. If all the slots are populated then it would be 0.5A for each slot.

Yes, the VC8 can charge 26650 battery and the current depends on if other slots are charging batteries or not.

In general, it can charge from any type-c cable but we suggest to use XTAR brand cable.

No worries my friend. Recently, we have launched 3 new products in a row.

The extended version of X2&X4, that can charger protected 21700 cells now. For the updated version of MC4—-MC4S, it’s updated from Micro-USB to Type-C and it can charge Ni-MH battery now.

Today, another new product of the XTAR PB Series is released. The PB2C can be the updated version of PB2, which has more compatible with 18650 batteries and type-c port is available now.

Thank you for your feedback and we do appreciate that you like XTAR product.

We will let them now this issue and make a batter product in the future.

Today’s smart battery chargers give the battery the required charge, and you can let it be connected when you want. You do not have to be afraid that you will damage it if you let it charge for too long time. In this article, you will find the best battery charger to buy in 2020.

In 2018, XTAR had released the first PB series charger—-PB2 which brought earth-shaking changes to the industry. PB2 became the first charger that combined battery charger and portable power bank 2 in 1 product. In 2019, the updated version of PB2—PB2S has broader battery compatibility that can charge larger 18650&21700 batteries at the same time, also with Type-C port charging. And now, let me introduce you the other new product of XTAR PB series—PB2C, it will officially release on 06-03-2020

The PB2C is a portable battery charger with a power bank function. It can charge 18650 Li-ion batteries as well as mobile phones, cameras, gimbals, flashlights, and other devices simultaneously as the PB2 does.

However, this is updated charger PB2C, it can charge all types of 18650 batteries which would be more useful for other users to use. Such as vapes and flashlights normally use 18650 batteries, giving greater compatibility and wider scope of application.

The PB2C is very easy to use. All you have to do is pop open the magnetic battery door on the back, and insert one or two 18650 batteries. The two bays have clear polarity indicators, but just in case you still manage to insert the batteries the wrong way, the PB2 features reverse polarity protection. The battery door is held in place by two pairs of very strong magnets and pops into place when you attach it to the charger. The magnets are so strong that there’s no risk of it coming off accidentally.

The negative terminal has a springy rod, for making good contact with all types of 18650 cells and inside is a ribbon for easy removal of cells. It’s nearly the same size as PB2, but pleasantly holds larger 18650 cells. That makes the total capacity possibilities much higher than the PB2.

PB2C can be carried in your pocket due to its small and exquisite design. It is convenient to carry whether you are traveling, hiking or exercising.

XTAR products and PB2C are sold at Amazon, eBay, Shopee & Aliexpress. To learn more about PB2S, please click: PB2C or visit: www.xtar.cc

Or check the short video down below for more details.

And you can also buy the PB2C on Aliexpress: Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

The 7 segment led display is removed from new version???


I would like to test one anyway

Some really nice new products …

And you can also buy the PB2C on Aliexpress: Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

Here is the link of PB2C on Aliexpress: Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

Is possible to Xtar to send me one for testing and make a review??


Who can correct the name of this threat from PB2C to VC8 ?

The PB2C is a good value and looks like a nice option for people only charging low-power devices, but what I really want is a PB4S with 20V PD (at least 45W out). That’s what would be necessary for it to power my laptop, and a fair number of other laptops.