[07-JAN-2013] Thanks so much for the reviews and the giveaways

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank you very much” to everyone who has been contributing their reviews or doing giveaways at their expense.

I’m seriously behind on reviews again. There have been SO MANY reviews in the past few weeks! I have a really busy week coming up, so it looks like I won’t get to them until sometime next week. But rest assured that your reviews are very much appreciated, and I’ll make sure to get to them soon so they won’t get lost in the noise. Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed their time and expertise in writing up these reviews, many of which are professional quality.

Secondly, a huge thanks to everyone who has done giveaways recently. It has become a trademark of BLF that, as far as I can tell, is unmatched in any other forum. It’s truly commendable that people are willing to put forth their own lights and money, to say nothing of time, to do these fun giveaways. My hat if off to all of you! :face_with_monocle:

That’s all. Keep up the good work! Have fun.

This is what makes blf such a great family of a forum. And why we all keep coming back, some may try to spoil it for their own petty ends but stuff ’em, we’ll just keep coming back stronger. 8)


And our thanks to you, SB56637, for stearing this great ship!

Well said! :face_with_monocle:

Thanks also to everyone ;)

sb, looks like i am back able to edit my D25LC2 Review, no more server error, your patch works thanks! i've already expanded the Runtime section with added graphs and restored the original long quote. Added an entry for Match's Custom D25LC2.

no, thank you.
if this place wasnt what it was, all the good and generous people would just go somewhere else. so he who is pulling the strings in the background has to get some of the credit

big thanks to sb, and all of the BLF members who werent sold off a gas station counter in the early/mid 90s

Ah! Hey, you know, I never thought of that. So it wasn’t the length of the post that was causing it to crash. It was the long quote, which the patch has apparently fixed. Great, thanks for letting me know.

SB, the patch is good, but can’t you simply put a script rule on posting allowing only a max of certain characters?

Aside from kreisler and lumatic (obviously the less normal ones :stuck_out_tongue: ), noone else has a useful long character posts other than annoying 10-level quotes and requotes. IMO, quote over 2 levels are quite useless, disrupts readability and simply waste bandwith.

Thank you too sb. :)

On topic of reviews.. does anyone know what happened to Foy?

I have a feeling foy’s on one of his sabbatical’s, I’m sure as soon as solar force releases a new host he’ll be back bursting with enthusiasm. :bigsmile:

I don’t get the angst about quotes, but then, I’ve just spent the afternoon trashing boas’s polite request for us not to do it…… :bigsmile: I’m sure he’ll see the funny side when he’s had his little lie down.