[07-MAR-2016] Current status of BLF upgrade process

Hi everyone,

Well, that was fun. :smiley: Sorry for the gross underestimation of the time it would take to come back online. I ran into a few fundamental problems, and after working around those I was confronted by a litany of small bugs and things I essentially had to reconfigure from scratch. But the worst is now over, and we are running on a new server with a new IP address and an upgraded major version of the site engine to ensure that everything remains secure here.

Things remaining to do:

  1. Tweak the theme, text too small
  2. Enable sending emails / re-enable new user registrations, which are currently disabled
  3. Optimize for performance
  4. Configure a quick temporary system for email notifications on new posts
  5. Re-create the BLF community moderated spam controls
  6. Gradually enable relevant smileys (one by one…)
  7. Add functionality to views lists (and search?) of a user’s posts
  8. Figure out how to add the “Location” field to post author details
  9. Re-create the BLF email notification system
  10. Mouseover image button for Simple Post Editor

Important Note!

No worries, your private messages are not gone. :smiley: Just look on the All Messages tab.

Please feel free to post your comments here, but please remember that it’s still a work-in-progress.

Thanks a lot for your patience! Have fun.

Update 10-FEB-2015:
Alright, I think I got the email configured as legit as I can make it in the eyes of the email providers. Even so, AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail/Outlook/Live users may find some BLF messages in the SPAM folder until those providers get used to us. Please let me know how it works for you.

I also set up a interim system for getting email notifications on threads you really want to keep an eye on. This feature is only temporary until I have time to set up a better system. It includes a list of “Watched” threads, but please continue using the http://budgetlightforum.com/my-subscriptions page to keep track of important posts.

Update 11-FEB-2016:

  • Fixed smileys integration in Simple Post Editor. :question: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Update: 23-FEB-2016:

  • Fixed filtering subscribed posts by unread
  • Added searchable lists of user’s posts
  • User “Location” field restored
  • Added search within thread feature

Update: 02-MAR-2016:

  • Finally restored the BLF email notification system. Please note that the old option to disable receiving email notifications has been globally reset, and you will have to disable it again if you don’t want to receive any email notifications for subscribed threads.

Update: 02-MAR-2016

  • I’m now testing another improvement to the email notification system so that it will only send notification emails to users that haven’t been active during the past 10 minutes. (I can easily adjust the time if needed. Note that “active” is defined as clicking links or posting, not just having a browser tab open.) I hope this will drastically reduce the amount of notification emails for heavy users during the hours that they are active.

Update: 03-MAR-2016

  • Added a user account option under “Subscriptions” for “Send me new post notifications by email even while I am logged on” to disable the 10 minute delay after last seen time before receiving new post notification emails. In other words, this option will restore the classic BLF email notifications behavior.

Update: 07-MAR-2016

  • Added user account settings for “Use the Advanced Post Editor for new threads” and “Use the Advanced Post Editor in existing threads”. This preference is served by a janky Javascript call, so please let me know if you run into any oddities. As mentioned previously, I would strongly recommend using the Simple Post Editor for everything except highly complex posts that need a lot of formatting, so this option to use the Advanced Post Editor by default is not recommended.

Update: 04-APR-2016

  • Fixed the smileys, some of which weren’t working.


Glad you’re back

Hah layout looks nicer…Some nice ui touches here and there :slight_smile:

Looks great!


Thanks for all the hard work sb. I’m sure You’ve had an interesting day……

Looks good!

Thank goodness the layout hasn’t changed much. I was afraid the layout would turn into one of those responsive web layouts with lots of wasted whitespace and lots of scrolling to read the content.

Very nice !!

Thank you Sb! :beer:

i love this forum….better than cpf

Thanks for the upgrade!

Thank you so! The layout is a bit weird tho

Sb, I've got to tell you, this is just over the top fantastic. You really nailed it

Thank you!!!

Oh, and you forgot #7 SB, make me one of your moderators.

We’re back! Those who have slower DNS can access BLF at the following temporary URL:

I guess I have slow DNS as I have to access BLF at the temporary URL. If the temporary URL is temporary, how would I access the site when it is removed? Thanks.

Thanks sb

Thanks for the temp URL

Is the one post a minute but able to edit thing working on the new system?

My signature seems to have not migrated properly :frowning:

Thanks sb for the effort in this marathon upgrade. The things you do for love aye. :slight_smile:

Good to see BLF back online, looks great!