1/2 D size

any one know much about sub D's or 1/2 D's not sure which is the right name

i would like to try to get some are they half the size of a standerd size D

Only thing I know that uses them.


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the 1/2 D are the 4th from the bottom and are £3.20 each.

They are actually 32mm diameter by 35mm long so two of them are 10mm longer than a single D cell as their spec is 32mmm diameter by 60mm long.

However, these are the correct cells for a Magcharger battery pack. Component shop will also sell you the heatshrink tubing to hold the pack together.

I've bought a fair amount of stuff from them and have had no problems with any order. they are somewhere in Wales

Oops - accidental double post. Again.


just thinking of new things to try with my maglites

What I fancy is a bulb that'll work with 6xLithium cells in a 6D Mag - i.e., a 24V bulb at up to 250W. Loads of projector bulbs ought to suit - better still, an 18V bulb of up to 200W. Would be real fun even if a 6D is rather far from easily portable. There is the $90 that 6 D cells will cost though. When KD get around to delivering them.

that's the sort of thing i would like to do

but the brighter you go the more it seems to cost bright light and fast bikes sounds good to me