1,600 lumen 502B XP-L triple. (beamshot added)

Well I finally got my noctigons in from IO. I picked up a couple of the XPe triples for the new XP-L emitters.

I used a 5amp driver from Lightmalls, and optics from KD and put them together in a 502B host. To get the driver to fit I cut a slice of copper tube and then potted the driver into the slice of tube and the pill. On the other side of the pill I built up four 16mm aluminum stars and then some copper and the noctigon and then the optic on top of it. To get the optic to work correctly I de-domed the XP-L’s and filed down the legs on the optic lens to that it fit just a sliver above the emitters. I added another slice of copper around the sinkpad and noctigon that just barely fits. The heat transfer to the body is super.

With a Sony high amp 18650 I’m hitting just a hair over 1,600 lumens. It has a large hotspot and great flood. No rings and super nice tint. The driver is three modes. Low, Turbo and high.

What a fun little light.

I’ll post some beamshots tonight.

Sweet! I can’t wait to build my own xp-l triple. Love to see some beamshots!

you usually have a for sale sign, not this time? Also looking forward to beamshots, thanks!

If I do decide to sell it, it will probably go to one a couple people who already asked about it before I even had it together.

Have you tried it without filing down the optics? What gets improved through this?

With the optics too high you lose a ton of lumens coming out the side and the beam is kinda funky. When the optics set right over the emitters you get a nice round hotspot and more lumens.

Nice work! Sound kind of complicated though. Looking forward to beamshots!

he’s at it….and did it again! fantastic work as usual! im actually surprise the 502b can handle the heat well.

Why did you just send us a picture of a day shot? :smiley:

1600 lumens from something that small

Sure sure…there are bigger/better powerhouses…but still