1*AA light with true moonlight mode under $20

I’ve scoured this forum thinking there would be many recent recommendations but only found posts from 2012 and 2013. So I’m looking for a 2015 update. Saw the Olight s15r sale from GB but I’m not particularly interested in the fancy charging option. Too many things to go wrong. The simpler the better. Reverse clicky with good mode spacing would be nice but the true moonlight mode is a must. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance everyone! Under $20

Also at gearbest is the s15 for $18, the version without charger,which is IMO the best deal under 20 dollar at the moment. Not a reverse clicky but the best UI and moonlight around.


Also, if there’s a simple mod option, I’m willing to give it a try with some recommendations for a host and parts too.

I will second that S15, I bought two S15R and Im still tempted on getting either one.

Make a light 14500 only by adding a Qlite driver . but you’re modding at that point .

olight s15r with AA support .

olight s15 no charger ….

or … Jacktheclippers advice to someone …. “put your finger over the front of the lens ”~> fingerlite*
I’ve always been impressed with the tank 566’s low mode since it is very low compared to most AA lights lows …But it’s about a lumen . if it didn’t come with a nasty low PWm i’d say it’s almost a perfect low low but not what purists would call a moon mode .Personally I like about 1/2 to 3/4th of a lumen low low mode instead of a true moon .

there ’s always the L3 L10…

or thrunite T-10 (very low firefly) or what they call the sprint from fasttech …same light… still available i think

Wooaahhh… Only for $18? That’s too good to be true… Is that deal for real? And it’s free shipping?

Don’t opt for free shipping with gear best, they’ve had tons of issues with it. Add a few dollars for tracking. But yes it’s free shipping without tracking.

Noted. Thank you.

Ugh. I have a nice modded S15R. I held out as long as I could but couldn’t resist this. Had almost $5 in points so after adding $2 for tracking price was around $15 total. Yikes. I hope they don’t take too long to ship.

Don’t hope. They will.

Light looks nice, price looks even better… but I’ve heard horror stories about shipping from GB. Everything from an eternity to arrive or never arriving at all. Any validity to those stories?

checked and double checked! :bigsmile:

So are you saying it’s not worth the trouble?

Well. I’m sure there are tons of real horror stories, but I have received at least half a dozen deals (including 3 Olight) so far. While not ecstatic about speed of delivery or responsive customer service, I can’t fault the smoking deals. YMMV.

When dealing with GearBest, you have to ask yourself whether saving $5 is worth waiting an additional 3 months to get the light compared to other chinese sellers like BangGood and FastTech.

Not only that, but follow mhanlen’s advice in post #6 above. Get tracking.

My last two orders from GB arrived withing one month since payment. Maybe because I’ve payed for tracking, maybe I got lucky.
And FT had been almost as slow as GB for me

I would have to surmise that there is a thief or thieves that have regularly began to take advantage of Gear Best. I don’t know if it’s someone who picks up their parcels or who… I’ve had many items shipped without tracking from Banggood, Fast Tech, DX, Meritline, eBay, and other various sites from China. I’ve had one other order never show up- from Fasttech. They credited me. Gear Best also credited me recently for my July products that didn’t show up… as well as it seems other people too. So they do take care of the issue… eventually. They do ask you to wait quite some time though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shipping issue with this scope before. Anyway… I still do order stuff through them, and I have had olights show up… which are considerably more expensive, than the cheap knife and $4 USB voltage I lost. But I now get everything with tracking.

I’ve been buying from eBay, and DX since 2008 and i’ve had few packages that did not show up. I am confident that those sellers, even GB, sends out the packages to customers, the problem lies with the post office. Most of the packages that does arrive are small packages, though with tracking numbers, they still did not arrive. I don’t put the blame on the seller, instead i know that the post office is at fault (here in country, our postal service, especially the government owned, aren’t really that realible) and to guarantee that your package arrives is through express service, like DHL or FedEx and such, for a price, of course.

The problem is with the post office sorting the packages, small packages easily get lost in that way. But then again, there is always a risk in buying from overseas, just have to wait and see it the package arrives.

So if we take the s15 off the table, are there any other alternatives? I’d like to explore other alternatives of they exist. Again, simple modding is also an option for me.

The main reason I want to keep the cost as low as possible is because when it comes to flashlights I use for outdoor situations, I’ve got plenty and some don’t even see the light of day (or dark of night in this case) . So this really just becomes a toy to play with and maybe use around the house when I’m checking in on the baby. Even my 1 lumen mode on the EA41 is too bright for that job.