1 AAA Hugsby LED

I am planning to buy several single mode 1 AAA lights to gift. I have found the Hugsby to be good ones and also some clones. I have never tried Sanyi or Pocketman lights.

Have you found some brands/clones hat are worse than others? I am having trouble finding single AAA Hugsbys.


These are the ones I got to give away at Christmas . They all have been good quality lights. Real Hugsbys.

Thanks bikenber — I love AAA Hugsbys but had some issues with poor quality clones from EBay.
Gotta buy the ones you linked.

Thanks, bikenber73,
That is the only place that I know of to get them.

Thorfire TK01

I have several AAA lights, but the Thorfire TK01 is what is on my keys. Single mode and bulletproof. Also handles 10440 batteries (at least my copy does). Bright, reliable, well built and inexpensive.


Hi, vt2nv,

The only flashlight I have ever seen that is small enough to put on my key ring is the Olight i3E EOS. I don’t like things on my key ring banging on the steering column or taking up additional room in my pocket. I did have a cheap coin cell light on the ring, but when I got the Olight I decided that was the way to go.
When it “comes down to it” I am cheap, and don’t want to spend much on gifting lights. The Hugsby clones, some at less than $3 each do the job, and I have not experiernced probems with any on them.

Is the MXDL XT- 3W AAA, a good substitute for the Hugsby?


I wouldn’t rely much on those, honestly! Even being functional, don’t seem to be the best lights around.
It is better to start this way: what’s you budget and do you prefer “tailswitch” or “twisties”.
There are the BLF 348 clones (under different names on Gearbest and AliExpress) for clickies, and I can recommend the Nitefox K3 for twist heads (3 modes + strobe, Cool White tint). These are more reliable that those from ebay, probably, depite a bit more expensive when buying a bunch of them!

Thanks, MascaratumB,
I do appreciate your help.

U welcome mate :wink:

I have both the Thorfire TK01 and the Olight i3E EOS and the TK01 is a nice little light, (I also use it with a 10440), and even has a slot for a tritium tube on the end.

However as jerm03 states the Olight i3E EOS is a TRUE keychain light. It’s about 3/4 the size of the TK01 and the twisty action is smooth as silk. The TK01’s twisty action is rough and is basically a 2 hand affair.

That’s more than reasonable, but I place simplicity and reliability over every anything else. The clincher for me is the head of the TK01 can’t spin off. I wish my other AAA lights can do this.