1 emitter Sky Ray King?

On the left I see an ad for fasttech
The top flashlight there looks like a Sky Ray King, but with only 1 emitter
What light is that?

I’d be interested too

For anyone that’s confused, this is it:

You see it? the golden upper one in the fasttech ad on the left

Yeah I see it, I think it would be a nice form factor. I’m guessing it is something that isn’t available anymore.

That sure would be nice with a big ol' XPH70 in there...

Fandyfire Rook, mini SRK

Is it? That’s a bummer, I wish they made an 18650 version of it.

I’m a little annoyed that past me sold mine. If someone machined a hunk of aluminum for a replacement heatsink in that, then tweaked the battery carrier to hold 3 cells, and popped in a new driver and LED… It’d be a heck of a decent little flashlight with a solid runtime.

Can still buy them.

Pretty cool. But I agree with above, 18650 & ~1000 lumens would be cool.


Hey! You found it, nice job! Oh wait, its discontinued.....darn...

Wait a minute, those are tiny...

Crap ! I failed to see that minor detail …….

Looking for a single led 4 cell SRK aswell.

Like to put a XHP35 in it with a 4s setup

I just ordered one of those in the CNY deal:
As I have a bunch of IMR 14500s here I will give it a try.

I wanted one of these for a while but never bought it https://majordepot.com/en/led-torch-flashlight/316-skyeye-rechargeable-5-mode-cree-xml-t6-led-flashlight1000lm-4x18650

Says page no longer available?

Doh! It says the same for me now. I’ll see if I can find a pic. They’re probably not available anymore anyway.



If they don’t link properly I’ll try on the pc later.

That’s it! The last one.

Search ultrafire 1226. Good luck finding one.

I ordered two flashlights that look very similar to this, but they eat 3x 18650s
Cant wai for them to get here, and see if the handle can be removed and the button can be replaced. But it seems this it as close to a SRK 1 LED we can get.
Isn’t there a shallow refelctor that would fit in a SRK?