1-mode P60 Suggestions?

Hey guys, I searched and searched but couldn't really find the answer i'm looking for. Tonight while looking at all of my flashlights on the table, i decided I want to do a 1-mode p60 with a Solarforce L2 host. So i'm hunting for a great, reliable 1-mode drop-in that won't only last an hour and won't get TOO hot to damage itself after long periods of being turned on. This "project" has two uses for me. First, i've been thinking about switching out the old light mounted on my AR-15 (so it would have to be a 1-mode that is bright but also has some good runtime), and second I need a light that I can let someone borrow and not worry about having to teaching them the modes or worry about them leaving it on high and burning up the LED.

Any suggestions? So, pretty much i'm looking for a 1-mode p60 drop-in that will run for a few hours and won't fry itself :)

Without modifying something I doubt that you are going to find a single mode (modern)drop-in that is dim enough to last for several hours on one battery. Maybe Iā€™m wrong.

Get a XP-G or XR-E drop-in of your choice and put a 2x7135 driver in it.

Single mode ? Low current XM-L , KD sells a ramping drop in , which could be treated as single mode .. [ oooh forgot - no teaching ]

Single mode XM-L , [ on my to buy list ]

http://www.kaidomain.com/category.285 try this page -

http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/generic-cree-t6-1mode-led-dropin-module-42v-max-p-5550 Current ?

ramping? errr...that sounds bad for a weapon/loaner light...

also, what does "generic" actually mean in the title of that KD drop-in?

and random side note, i WISH KD would include the date of their customer reviews...it's very annoying to me for some reason, lol.

Manafont ..... Generic = Probably unbranded ...

Eh, i'm bored and have been drinking for a few hours enjoying getting off of work early for once today. Just ordered this http://www.dinodirect.com/ultrafire-bulbs-ultrafire-1-mode-bulbs-ultrafire-led-1-mode-bulbs-cree-q5.html we'll see how it does, lol.

Just wanted to post back about my review of the drop in i ordered. Seems great so far, was just what i was looking for! ANd for $8.69 I really recommend it, it's a pretty good thrower for what it is...seems more throw than spill, but it does what i was looking for. Current draw is around 900mah on a 4.1V Tenergy 18650.

Link if anyone's interested

One question though, title showed Cree Q5, and I just noticed the description says R5...it's definitely a Q5 though

XM-L and a 750mA driver. Nothing to brag about, still decent and will last for many hours till battery protection kick's. I have a few driven at 1,4A which runs for about 2h.

Best would be a dual 18650 host and a 1A driver (to emitter). Will probaly last turned on for an average daily worktime minus lunchtime. :)