1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Winner Posted

I’m in!! My current favorite is my al x5 cause it fits well in my pocket and it makes people ooh and ahh when they see how much light comes out the front of that tiny flashlight.

I am in.

Tie between Wizard and M2 with DrJones driver

I’m in! Will of course split the shipping fee if I win.

My favorite I guess is my CooYoo Quantum, since it’s always in my pocket. But I have to admit to picking up my alu Kronos X6 and just play with it all the time, because I’m just so impressed by it :slight_smile:

I am in.

I’m in.
My favorite light is ThorFire C8s.

I’m in! In the Uk so happy to pay UK shipping fees. Favourite light is probably going to be the one on its way at the moment - the NiteCore SM16GT - but it’s not here yet…. It could have been the Convoy C8, cos its good value, but actually (and perhaps a bit strangely) it’s my three Ultrafire Cree 7W cheap eBay torches, a couple of $ each direct, because at that price I could afford to get one each for my kids, and because of it they have loved going camping, peering at the stars, and walking at night, and so it’s had the most impact, and best bang for the buck……

My favorite light is very similar to the one your giving away so I’m not going to enter but I’m sure the winner will be as impressed as I am :sunglasses:

im in.

supfire m6.

I’m in.

My favorite light tends to change, but it’s currently my modded DQG Tiny III Triple with FET driver.

Thanks for the drawing.

Thanks djburkes very generous giveaway :beer:
I am in !
My favorite light still is Acebeam K40M

Convoy S2 SMO XP-G2 S4 Star Off time FET+1


I’m in too. My favorite light is a modded sunwayman d40c with xml2s changed to xph50s. Resistor mod. A little monster.

I’m in - thank you.

I suppose my favourite at the minute is my very dinky little standard Olight S1.


I’m in!

My favorite light (right now) is the BLF A6 for value, performance, and a true testament to what this forum can achieve with the dedication and expertise from the members here!

I’m in.

My favorite light is probably my Eagletac T200C2. I still use it on the daily.

IN !
Favorite light currently is toss up ’tween BLF D80 SE and BLF A6 SE.

I’m in.

My favorite light is my Convoy x3 with xpl-hi

Thank you for the opportunity :beer:

I’m in! My favorite flashlight is the X6 in all its various iterations. Would love to have a triple x6.

I’m in, and my Copper X5 is my favorite light. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

I’m in!

My favorite light is a Convoy M1 that I put a BLF Fet driver and XML2 3D led into.