1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Winner Posted

On 3-16-16, I’ll have been a member of this forum for one year. In this year, I’ve learned to solder, to mod/build lights, and how awesome a lot of the members of this forum are. Everything I’ve learned has been from reading this forum and asking a question hear and there. I’ve not very advanced in the art of building…just basic lights. The light I’m going to giveaway will have the following specs:

Eagle Eye X6 Host
3xNichia 219C on Noctigon XP32
Aluminum Heatsink
17mm fet+1 Driver Spring Bypassed
Tail Spring Bypassed

The heatsink will be glued to the host with thermal adhesive and the XP32 will be glued to the heatsink with thermal adhesive as well. Rules for the giveaway…

1. Must have been a member before March 10th.
2. Must only post once.
3. Must post I’m in and what your favorite light is.

I would like to limit this light to the US only but that would be unfair to a lot of the non US members that have contributed to this forum. However, shipping will be free via priority mail in the US only…if you live outside of the US…depending on the price of shipping, I may ship for free or we may have to split it. This giveaway will run from today until Friday 3-18-16 at 6pm/1800 Central Standard Time. After 6pm I’ll use random.org to generate the winning number. If you have any questions…please pm me.

Update 3-18-16

Qualifying List:

1. DavidEF
2. JakeDjanitor
3. hank
4. onetrickpony
5. keltex78
6. Henk4U2
7. khas
8. Abqjohnny
9. TheMiller
10. gangstead
11. Andyman
12. jacktheclipper
13. mattlward
14. eebowler
15. cone
16. nofearek9
17. johnnydoe
18. Hobo
19. Calmaja
20. Dwantink
21. chadvone
22. martook
23. Koaksijalac
24. BLightSam
25. xcentric
26. Beachlogger
27. troisanh
28. Firelight2
29. NikolaS
30. viperbart
31. tzmxxhh
32. scrumpypaul
33. amplificus
34. tru3s1lv3r
35. Streamer
36. Kozy
37. unknown00101
38. Crazyeddie
39. SIGShooter
40. Triple A
41. lionheart_2281
42. mikid
43. keengeorge
44. dw911
45. Halo…
46. bwl123
47. 202bigmike
49. MtnDon
50. bob_rus
51. carmantl
52. xjsnake
53. Bort
54. cnrffl1
55. matg
56. Herb Tarlek
57. cbrake10
58. alphazeta
59. siata94
60. PPDB22
61. TheMadcap
62. Turningbluechips
63. Coscar
64. MG
65. djozz
66. WhitedragonBC
67. Brett H
68. Matchoo
69. brad
70. Captainvideo
71. zelee
72. s1m888
73. 1dash1
74. gerald_clark
75. tatasal
76. Inkidu
77. jhalb
78. millguy
79. M78
80. Backpacker Light
81. AlexGT
82. blueb8llz
83. raven38571
84. P3D
85. raccoon city
86. Strick9
87. texas shooter
88. kst
89. vinte77
90. southland
91. zipelgas
92. Rob_K
93. Ormbett
94. SoulCraves
95. agnelucio
96. MauiSon
97. rwright224
98. peabody
99. tedh35
100. johnvilla136
101. Dusty
102. jpil
103. Mr.Poppy
104. bugi
105. JohnnyBravo
106. yelve
107. KaiserSosa
108. lichan
109. chuckhov
110. jdunlap27284
111. Sprinkles
112. Greatwhitehunter
113. robo819
114. aplaudatu
115. bikenber73
116. Robert Barr
117. scdaf
118. fyesilova
119. NeoGeo
120. power911
121. laythaws
122. jamesearljonesi…
123. barretttx
124. dealgrabber2002
125. freefly
126. ClintH
127. KelG
128. giorgoskok
129. ste-zo
130. KramKram
131. WillyD
132. kzrm316
133. AlabamaMan
134. ackbar
135. cabfrank
136. RaVeN
137. BrightKen
138. uqs1000
139. JohnnyMac
140. Wrathbringer27
141. Manx
142. davy_jones
143. OscarM
144. tekwyzrd
145. teacher
146. jescereal
147. Lilien


I’m in! My favorite light is the copper X5, although I don’t have one. :sad: I’m sure this triple X6 will quickly become my favorite, once I have it in my hands. O:-)

Edit: Just changed my mind… well… not really changed my mind, more like remembered. My all-time favorite light (that I’ve actually owned) is the Lumintop SD10 BLF Edition from the WWEFANS group buy. Still looking to replace that one, since I sold it to a friend.

I’m in
favorite light is armytek wizard
thank you for the opportunity

I’m in.
And my favorite is still my Arc AAA “snow white” that goes everywhere, with an Energizer lithium primary that lasts forever.

I’m in!

My favorite light is my weird Marty Feldman X6 aspheric. It makes everyone giggle whether it off because it looks so strange or it’s on and looks like it could light a cigarette at 100 yds.

I don’t have anything like what you’re giving away though! Thanks for the chance.

In! I don’t have an X6 yet…

Current favorite light is a difficult question.

I guess that could be my Convoy S3 XP-G2 triple; but it never gets used.
Or maybe the TrustFire F20 with XM-L2 and three mode 101-AK driver. It’s my true EDC and gets used more than any other.
Maybe my 75mm UniqeFire 1508, but it hasn’t been assembled yet.

I’m in! My favorite light depends on the weather (more specific the pocket-size it has to fit in). And in the heavy jacket I wear in this weather that will be the old bored-out Surefire 6P Defender with Eagletac drop-in. When the temperature rises in the double digits (Celcius), I’m not sure (yet). There are some “new kids on the block”, such as the above-mentioned X5, but also quite a few old warriors that have served me well.

I’m in :-D.

My favorite light right now is a EE A6 with a BLF A6 FET+7135 driver, because of the great range of output, and it’s my first triple that I reflowed myself.

Thanks for the giveaway.

I’m in.
My favorite light is my convoy s2+. Use it the most for sure.
Thanks for the giveaway.

I’m in.
The Kronos X5 is my favorite

I’m in. My favorite light is my ZL SC52FW, but I’ve got a BLF A6 on order that looks promising.

I’m in! Favorite right now is my Thorfire C8s, modded with neutral XM-L2, OP reflector, bypassed tailspring, and Qlite/Guppydrv driver. First real mod I’ve done, and it came out exactly as I hoped. :cool:

I’m in !
My favorite light is currently the BLF A6 with 5A tint .
Thanks for the opportunity .

I’m in… My favorite, that is a toss up. Either my gently driven S2+ EDC or the X5, depends on the day. :slight_smile:

Thanks DJ

I’m in! :slight_smile: (I have a U.S.A. shipping address.) Favorite light at the moment is the armytek Tiara, C1, warm white. It definitely could do with a narrower beam (med throw) but is a good overall light with nicely spaced modes.

Thanks. I’d like to be in too, please. My favorite light is the Manker/BLF A6. The only thing that could make it marginally better would be if it had ToyKeepers Bistro UI.

i am in , Courui D01 xp-g2 moded FmC style.thanks.

A chance to win a triple! I am in! Thank you!

My favorite light is a tricky one.

If I have to pick one, I’d go for the BLF A6.

Compact, Bright, great UI.

I’m in! My favorite light is the BLF A6, but that might change… :wink:
Thank you for doing this giveaway.

I’m in too. My favorite are custom P60 with triple Nichia 219B drop-in, Olight S15 (NW) and DQG triple 26650 (NW). Thanks you for the opportunity.