10 18650s at HD for $22?

These packs usually have 5-10 18650 cells in them. IF it has 10 cells and IF the cells are a high-enough mah, this could be a steal at $2 for a 18650.

Regularly $89.

The Ryobi and other packs I have cracked have either Sony or Samsung 1500mah high-drain cells in them, but I have seen a few packs at HD these days that say “uses new 2600 mah li-ion cells” right on them. It would be something else if these packs contained Panasonic 2600 mah cells!!! If wishes were fishes, I know. I may just take the chance if they are on sale at my local HD and crack one open for the team. :wink:

Obviously can’t return the pack once you crack them open. Then again, there are a few packs (some Ryobi packs for example) that can be disassembled for a peek without doing any damage. Don’t like what I see inside? Just screw ’em back together. But they’re not all like that. I had to practically use C4 to pull apart a recent Makita pack. :–0

Dang it! I was just in HD this morning! Now I have to stop again! No discount online at HD's website though.


yeah, i have to go check that out too. any one know what cells are inside?
edit: would suck to find 18500s or something like that in them lol. and id rather spend the extra for loose cells if they are 1200mah

I've got a feeling it's a local deal only, but I could be wrong. If anyone finds them, please report back!

one website i went to said it was a discontinued model…
was trying to find a mah rating on the pack… maybe get some ideas of whats in it

edit: it actually may just be they dont stock them anymore… i dont know. but i will be going to HD later to check this out

Okay they had three at my HD. They’re in the garden tools section NOT with the drills and saws. And they’re definitely $23, marked down from $89. Looks like 10 18650s by the pack size. Doesn’t appear to be any other info on the pack itself or in the instructions about battery country (unusual: It usually says where the cells were made).

BUT the pack does say “54wh,” which is an odd number. I’m going to try and find online what’s in there before cracking this and making it unreturnable. 54 divided by 2 = 2700, which could be 2800mah cells. But 54 divided by 4 = 13.5, which would mean 1500 mah, which is probably more likely. Of course, I’m TOTALLY guessing on the division routine. I could be totally wrong. A first, but it’s bound to happen sometime :slight_smile:

Anyone have any idea what cell mah matches up with 54wh?


Well that sounds disappointing unless they are some really power punching cells!


Well, if they’re sony or samsung high-drain (or whatever they call it) 1500 mah, they’re borderline worth it for lights for me anyway because I am being buried alive in pack pulls. If they’re no-name chinese 1500mah, forget it. Have found the chinese ones in a couple tool packs and they have been miserable.

To crack the pack or not to crack, that is the question. Hmmmm.

meh… dont know if i should bother if they are 1500 mah…

>>>>>unless they are some really power punching cells!

The 1500 high-drain or high caps or whatever they’re called are really pretty good. Can’t tell the difference in some of my lights with those 1500s vs 2600s.

Regular 1500 mah cells will barely light a torch, but these tool-pack cells are designed to put out a lot of juice quickly and are NOT normal 1500 mah cells. There are some discussions on BLF about them. I think HKJ even did a test on some, but maybe I’m dreaming that part.

take one for the team! J)

Do it! . . . Do it! . . . Do it! Do it for the good of the BLF community! (And to save me from wasting my own money!) :)


54Wh / 3.6v = 15000mAh

15000/mAh / 10 = 1500mAh


15000/mAh / 5 = 3000mAh (seems unlikely)

The Sony IMRs are really good. I’d do it if that’s what’s inside. Problem is I probably won’t find a discounted pack in the boonies. web says these aren’t in inventory or sold at my local store.

im going to go check my local HD in augusta me. if they have them on clearance im sure all do… if the others have any stock left, thats another story.

im probably going to buy one, and wait to see whats inside before i crack it open. yes im cheap :stuck_out_tongue: that and i got a hole lot invested into another hobby and i cant really afford to take a hit with batteries right now

Okay, the tension is building here at battery pack central. We have the main cover off. And we have ……

STOOPID security torx screws. Had to drill out two holes to get a driver in there …… But I drilled out the holes because even with two screws out, I could pry the pack slightly open. Inside I could see, in all their glory ……

Did you hear the one about the watermelon salesman and the farmer’s daughter? Well, it’s late one night in the Texas gulf coast and this nattily dressed dude in a straw hat and ……

Did I see a wink of red inside there? Yup, cover is now off and we have —- YES!!!——- red Sanyos!!! Now to see the numbers, I will have to go in deeper.

On a side note, there is a button on the side you can push to check charge level. Don’t have to worry about getting a pack with dead cells. Just push the button and see the charge level!!!

Okay, I now have to pull them outta their cage to get at them, so I will be gone for a while. But I will report back about the farmer’s daughter …. I mean the mah on the Sanyos.

Did it have them marked online as in store? Neither of my local hds have them marked as in stock online

Website says Item not sold at store. but the home depot inventory checker shows they had some near me Checker SKU: 342082

I got 3 for now and the markings on the case show they were assemble on 2011 Week 52 . The cells are Sanyo 18650W2

>>>>>Did it have them marked online as in store?

No, they were on a clearance shelf in garden by the string trimmers, which is what the pack is for. I have the cells out and am looking them up now. TEN bright and shiny Sanyos. All 3.60-3.65 volts.

I do have to say that this pack was the hairiest one I have disaasembled and I have taken apart quite a few at this point. Definitely NOT for the timid.

The cells are stacked neg pole to positive in the cage. You MUST be extremely careful when stripping off the contact tabs. I won’t say I was sweating bullets, but there were a couple minor puckers. And one minor shower of sparks. :wink: Really. I slipped.

To remove them from the cage, you must pull off the tabs, which is extremely difficult to do without contacting the opposite pole in the next cell row. Hard to explain, but you will see it in person if you decide to do the deed.

Now to see what these are. I assume they are 1500 mah. Back in a bit.