$10 dollar Sportsman clearance light and intro

For starters this is the first ‘real light’ I bought. Had great output but being my clumsy self every time I dropped it, it would pop the stupid 9v xenon bulb. So after three go around’s with that I threw it in the drawer(along with a couple of mag-lites) and forgot about it for a year or so. So one day I way poking around on the EBay and on a whim I bought a couple cheap P60 SSC drop in modules to play with on my car of all things. They arrived and I was super disappointed in there output. Well a couple of days later I started to think about it and actually measure the current the LED was drawing and amazingly enough it was a little under an amp! So looking on the interwebs I found the data sheet on the AX2002 driver they where using and discovered this little thing called a sense resistor, and scouring a little more found that I can drive the P7 LED way harder. So being on a budget I stole one resistor off of the extra driver and just paralleled it on the other board and whammy!! 1.55 amps and way more light! Enough blabbing, here are a couple of pictures of the latter half of the project.

Here’s the beginning and after look. Yup boring stuff…

Front housing, complete dropin, and extra ‘parted out’ driver

‘Parts’ driver missing resistor

Complete driver with extra resistor paralleling the stock sense resistor

Yeah that was a lot of story for nothing but I had fun, and ordered a couple real drivers to mess with. I think the extra module is going to end up in a polished brass with copper inlay bodied light with a 2.8 amp 3 amp mode driver. But that’ll come once the parts arrive This stuff is silly addicting, and now I’m eyeballing a old D cell and mini mag light as more victims.

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Welcome aboard threeyedbandit. We enjoy all story’s around here. Please feel free to tell/show us more. I was gonna ask if you are related to the ‘oneeyedbandit’ but that’s probably silly. I don’t think your pics came through. Stick around as we are glad to have you.


Hi and welcome to BLF, threeeyedbandit!

Thanks all for the warm welcome!! Yup, pictures are fixed now, going to even try and get a picture of the beam tonight if I have time. :slight_smile:

Nope, not related too oneeyedbandit. Kind of silly on the names though. Mine came from a Chevy Luv back in the day that always had a burnt out fog light on it. Ended up just staying with me


Welcome…you must be in my neck of the woods if you’re buying at Sportman’s.

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Hello and welcome to BLF.

Welcome to BLF! (Yup, this stuff is addicting!)