1000 + emitter...

Looking for a led emitter 1000 + to run a new SolarForce P-1. :O

XM-L direct mounted to a copper slug. 1500 lumens off an SST-90 driver.

I was going to say this too, haha. Although the MT-G2 would do it no problem as well, 2500 lumens out of that beast, a little on the big side but not as big as an SST90


Yeah, and people in Hades want ice water...ain't going to happen.

And if it did, is this just an exercise in how to melt the plastic on a P1?

Don't forget the active fan... best to fit in a CPU cooler. I hope you you have your plastic remolding kit ready. :bigsmile:


SolarForce P-1, 3-mode 820 lumens with

XM-L 3-8.4 volts $40.00 plus shipping $2.00.

What about this one?

To order or not?

Thanks for the valueable help.

Hey, Bose, since you work for Cree, have you informed your people about the results Match obtained in his test? I’d love to know if they are surprised or if they already knew it could reach those levels.

If you really want to test out the endurance of a high power dropin in the P1... I would go with the classic ... the Manafont 3-mode Ultrafire dropin. Initial high is over 1000+ Lumen. But don't hold me responsible for any thermal issues..

Update: I just saw that people are getting very different readings on that Manafont dropin now... so look out ... the new generation seems to be driven less hard. Maybe it's saver to go with something like this... you can even choose modes and tint and it has a thermal protection... looks like a suitable feature in a plastic host.

I was thinking of who I could send it to, it is a really cool result, very impressive.

Probably just as easy, to put a Li-ion in your pocket and wire it to an SST-90 handheld, in your palm. Would be about the same effect as putting one in a plastic flashlight. LOL.

Just joking...

Edit, I wouldn't think running 1000 lumens in a plastic light would be very good in the long run. Where would the heat go, since plastic is an insulator.

I don't think it will hurt the light if you only run it on high for 10 minutes or less, but over that I would look for a different host if you want a very high lumens drop-in.