1000 ish post give away, dont get excited.

Ok, I’m rapidly approaching 1000 post, in fact, if Gary persists in the zy-t08 thread, and I get chatting to lumatic again, I’ll probably hit it this week.

This presents a couple of problems :-

1. I’ve not ordered the light kit I have in mind yet.


2. I’ve not in all honesty got the cash TOO order said light kit (i have, I just shouldn’t with kids and Christmas and all).

3. I’ve not yet recieved the drivers I have in mind

Therefore, I’ve not fitted one in my own m10, or tested it to determine if its any good, so I’m loathe to shout about the combination, or even know if it’ll all work.

This all presents a problem of timing, so, can I do a 1500 post give away without being ostracized? And if I do, who’s interested? I love this light, even stock (well, stockish, its been flamed)

<a href=Photo Storage target=_blank><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x48/gords1001/IMAG0409_zpsd87bd958.jpg border=0 alt=>

Here’s a picture of it with a uf-v3 (another possibility for the give away, but standard) and a jm05 clone for size comparison purposes.

I like the m10, its a good, well heat sinked solid performer in a nice size, the cells review well (at least, I thought they did, can’t seem to find hkj’s review right now)…. The charger is cheap, but acceptable to start with I now use a tr-006 most of the time, but break it out if I need to charge all four of my 26650 cells at once.

Here’s a review of the light.

So gentlemen, thoughts please.

1000 post giveaways are simply something of a tradition rather than a requirement. I don’t think anyone is going to mind, especially if when you finally conduct one you have a light you can stand behind.

That’s my thought, I stand behind the standard kit, but I think that if that driver works, it’ll be something I want to share, I just can’t say “this is what I’m doing” till I know if it’ll actually work together.

I'd be in. I skipped a 1000 post giveaway (didn't realize it was "the thing to do") - oops! I really like the idea of the M10 with said driver upgrade. I know it's your money, but it seems like you're spending quite a bit on a giveaway light.

I'd think a 1500 post giveaway would be fine. Heck, a 1252 post giveaway would be ok with me too! :)

Keep Posting!

There's no rule about giveaways. There's no standard about giveaways. If there' is, it's just in someone's mind and doesn't mean a thing. I do giveaways when I damn well please and that's how it should be done. A giveaway should be done when someone wants to. Wants To are the Key words. Only when someone wants to.

It's the spirit of giving that matters, not what is given, or to whom it is given. It's the desire to give back to the forum. Don't give because you feel you need to, do it because you want to.

I'm not saying that you don't want to, I'm just saying don't do it because you feel you must. You don't have to do a thing, especially if you don't have the money to do it. No one wants you do extend yourself when things are tight, to do a giveaway. There's enough here, who have the resources and can do giveaways. Those are the ones who hopefully will feel the need to pay back to the forum.

Maybe I haven't said it right, but hopefully people will understand what I'm saying.

Well, the lot works out £30ish plus shipping, its not so bad, just bad a few weeks before Christmas. The main issue is, will the driver actually fit it the pill and work? I really want it to, because it’ll make the light fking awesome! Mines set for a u3 with it too, make the most of the amps being forced into it. I draw the line there for the give away.

The other thing I’ll do is hold off on a flame job till someone’s won, if they want it flamed, I have an idea for something different again, if they prefer black, they can have it black.

Edited as old lumens chimed in while I was messing about.

Cheers o-l, I really only feel a bit of pressure due to timing, I’ve had this in mind for a bit, but a few days furious posting has severely cut the comfortable lee way I thought I had…. No worries, the give away will be happening in January, regardless of post count, driver will depend on how mine works out. I really hope it does - a high amp, selectable 3 mode/ramping driver in this light will be a killer c8 sized combination.

^^^ +1

No requirements, gords. It's not a gift if you're required to do it.

+1. Nicely put guys.

Giveaways are meant to be fun. Both for the givers and the winners. I know I had fun giving stuff away to say thanks for all the knowledge I’ve gained and the fun I’ve had. However, I’m fairly sure no one wants it to be mandatory. I know I don’t. For sure I wouldn’t want you or anyone else to shortchange your real obligations (family, food, clothing, shelter, CHRISTmas, etc.) just to offer us a chance at a flashlight.

When and if the time comes, we’ll all be grateful for the fun. Until then, don’t sweat it.

Cheers guys, I guess I knew what the answers would be before I asked, its nice to be right. :bigsmile:

And to be honest, this attitude is the whole reason for these give aways to me, its an awesome community we have here, I’m glad to be a part of it. 8)

I’m in !

(Just joking. Of course you aren’t obligated to do a giveaway. Old-Lumens and Cone said it best.)

+1, I love BLF. I personally skipped my 1000th post giveaway (tradition hadn’t been started) and my 3000th post giveaway (around a month after my 2000). And the people here seem to still put up with me. :wink:

I’m slightly worried just how quick my post count is shooting up.

Scaru, you could always send me your sst-90 as a thousand post give away 0:)

I won't even send you the bare LED after I swap it out for a N bin one. :P

Justin summed it up quite nicely, and echos my sediments to a tee. Gords, we're just happy to have you here!


Whatever happens, count me in!

Old, can you explain this a little better??? I just don’t understand. You just beat around the bush till I get lost in the leaves!!! 0:)

Sorry… JUST HAD TO!!! The Devil Made Me Do It!!! I agree… Well Put! :stuck_out_tongue: Dan.

Stop posting, problem solved. If you still wish to post create a new user name. Keep this going in a cycle and you will never feel the need to give anything away.