1000+ Lumen AA Options

Are there any multi-emitter AA options? I only know of the nitecore eax, which I am very fond of.

I am interested in any suggestions of true 1000+ lumen AA lights.

I have the the EAX and it is a great light.I can’t think of any other 8aa lights….or any other lights with AA’s that can compare to it.Actually, you would have to get a multi 18650 light to come close to the output. :slight_smile:

Buy these two/pack and tape them together … J)


You would have to modify an EA8 with Multiple leds. Could be done, probably a Rook reflector would fit, with three XM-L2 or XP-G2. Something like that.

how many amps can you get out of 4AA in series (eneloops) on a linear driver?

Sunwayman D40A is spec’ed for 980 lumens, which is just 20 lumens short of 1000 :).

AA Eneloops will do 10 amps max, but better to look at around 6 amps. With 8 batteries, you can do 4S/2P and have no problem running a good amount of amps. 4S for about 4.8V and 2P for 4000mA. With 4S/2P you could hit the three leds with 3 amps each on high, but I would probably go with 2 amps each, due to the fact that the body is so darned thin on those things.

I’m curious is 4AA in series can maintain 3A till exhaustion under the voltage sag which lithium running on linear drivers cannot, under about 3.6V at 3A the current starts falling on li ion.