100's of Cold Cathode tubes for sale

A while ago I got a ‘deal’ off this guy for about 5 or 6 cases of cold cathode lamps, 2 per box, maybe 100 boxes per case in several colours and UV and in a few different lengths… I dunno lol!
Now I had intended to ebay them off, they sell for roughly £4 + p&p for a pair including inverter for 12v, but obviously I haven’t gotten around to it! If I remember correct I paid £50 for the lot.

So have you guys (in UK) got any use for them? ideally I’d like to sell them all in one go.

I put it in off topic as it’s not a flashlight sale.

If you don’t have luck here and use Facebook you could post it in the ‘Fluorescent Mineral Mart’ group (somewhat US centric) or maybe there is a more appropriate group for UK.