10440 High capacity and quality

Hi friends, where can I get 10440 batteries with the highest REAL capacity?

I dont want Chinese ones (xxxxFire) with a real capacity of about 300mAh


The only alternative one Google came up with was this one.


Only two manufacturers show up in a directory


There may be others but the cells are likely to be extremely expensive or have an enormous minimum order. Or both

And i doubt that much over 300mAh is actually available till the technology improves.

And there are not IMR 10440 cells?

Not to my knowledge. And they would almost certainly be lower capacity. Most lithium cobalt cells grossly overstate their capacity.

OK, thanks, then the better is to get the chinese ones xxxxFire for about 4 - 5 dollars a pack of 2?


Try these you set 4 for $6.02 . If you do get it tell us the real capacity.


Don't forget to use flashlight coupon then you'll get it for $5.72

Yes I knew about those batts and the 5% discount

However those are the unprotected version of the TrustFire gray protected that sells DX at 5,08 in a pack of 2.

The real capacity is 287mAh under 700mA load.

You're not going to get much more than 300mah. AAA are 1/3 of a AA. So, pointless to look unless you start seeing >1000mzh AA's.

From lightake.com:

TrustFire 10440 900mAh 3.7V AAA Rechargeable Battery Specifications
Brand/Battery type: TrustFire 10440
Capacity: 600mAh

Photo shows 600mAh.

Yes I already purchased them, I am waiting they arrive at home (must arrive this week or the next)

And they are the same as the gray protected ones but without protection circuit.....600mAh declared, 300mAh in real

You mean... 900 mAh declared?

I ordered the same four-pack from Buyincoins just because it was cheaper with all the discounts.


Planning to use them in my new iTP A3s (which I hope will arrive soon).