10440 li-ion battery and charger suggestions

Aloha BLF! Since I've been looking into getting more 1*AAA lights, I'm also thinking about getting a few 10440's and charger. I already have 18650's, 14500's and rcr123's. I have a pila ibc and a ultrafire wf-139 but they won't work with 10440's so I'm gonna need a 10440 charger also.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated so much so that I will give you my first unborn child. Laughing

I use the Ultrafire WF-138


It works, though protected cells are a very tight fit. There used to be a 10440 Nano charger but I've not seen one for sale in ages. Not that I've looked all that hard.

I use the TrustFire TR-001. I know that 500mA of charging current will decrease life of the 300mAh 10440, but I have been using it for charging those 300mAh 10440 cells at 500mA from march 2010 with no problems, no decrease in capacity.....

I use http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.4151. Sold out but I think it can be bought at Ebay

Any suggestions on 10440's? Thanks guys.


At DX, you will see the gray TrustFire PROtected at 5,08USD (which have capacity of 287mAh)

Also at DX, you will see the Blue UltraFire PROtected at 5,03USD (which have capacity of 320mAh)

I recommend the blue ones, have more capacity (forget what says in the label) and are cheaper

Also if you need UNprotected 10440, DX have it for 4,23 USD. The blue Ultrafire UNprotected with 290mAh of real capacity

I think I'll go with a couple of the blue UltraFire PROtected and a couple of the unprotected ones.

Thanks Fran!

I use the Ultrafire WF-138, also. The grey trustfire protected don't fit in the AAA slot. At least not in mine. I put a spacer and charge them on the AA slot, as someone sugested to me on CPF. (same question as the OP)

Thank juhha! I'm still looking at chargers and so far it's the Ultrafire WF-138, Trustfire TR-001 or the Trustfire TR-002. I've got a week befores I decide so I'm just going to keep asking and researching. There just isn't that many different kinds/brands of 10440 batteries and chargers. Oh well......

I recommend the TR-001. 2 channels, is tested by me with good results, and the most important thing, is the 12 volt imput.

Those chargers result exploding ramdonly. The first I received from DX stopped working at 3 days of use. They resent a new one and because I was afraid of to happen it again, I have been using with 12 volt since then.

The problems wih almost all ****Fire chargers is its internal power supply, the circuit that transforms 220volt to 12volt.

Earlier designs were even worse............

I use the "universal charger" which charges at 350mA and is okay for 10440's. It will also do 14500's and 16340's but takes too long on 18650's (though most of them will fit). Only does 1 at a time and while it used to charge batteries to 4.16V, it seems like it has been going down, and now it charges to 4.12V. Really that's better for the battery anyway. Also does NiMH batteries if you need it to.



I purchased sku.14885

It exploded internally, I have a post at DX forums explaining what happened, also the pictures of the inside.

I dont recommend 14885, mine exploded, but with chinese cheap electronics always will be a lottery

I bought that charger. It should be here today. I HOPE MINE DOES NOT EXPLODE!!!

Can you please put the link? It's allowed here...

(couldn't find it...)

The link is reply #10.

I'm sorry Fran's exploded, but a lot of people have these and they seem to do okay. However I don't use it to charge if I'm not in the house or asleep, just in case.

I got this charger today: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.14885~r.72863811

I charged a 10440 and 18650. It does undercharge. The 10440 was at 4.14V and the 18650 was at 4.15V. I think that should be a good thing. It could go up a little bit more, but at least it's not overcharging. Oh and it didn't blow up (yet)!

Undercharging li-ions is always better than overcharging right?

Links. Look here:



Also one of my flashaholics friends has it, his unit has not exploded but is a shit. It overcharges at 4,33 volts (even the protection acts) and more extrange things, read the forums.

I'll be scratching that one off my list. Thanks.

On ebay, there are similar chargers, but I dont know if the internals are similar too.

For less than 3 euro you can buy one identical, you can try.......

And for the question about over-under charging.......

Undercharging (chargin below 4,20 volt) is good for the battery. Will have more cicles of charge/discharge, but you cant get all the capacity that was designed for

Overcharging (charging beyond 4,20 volt) is not good for the battery, but in long term. It will not die instantly, simply will reduce the numbers of charge/discarge cycles. However, you should not charge them beyond 4,3 volt (the official limit is 4,25), because it can become in an unstable condition and explode...