105C Driver does not switch on the first click

I’m use a Qlite 8 x 7135 105C Driver with a single 3.7v cell in a short convoy s2+ body.

When I try to switch it on, it happend nothing.
With the second click, it goes on an I can toggle through the modes.

Pic of the driver:

It started after two month of regular use.

Any idea how it can be fixed?

I would try to determine if it’s a switch problem or not. Does it light up if you take the tail cap off and use a wire to connect the end of the battery to the battery tube?

It is normal for all Convoy drivers.

I read it to be that the first click from off doesn’t turn the light on, which is not normal at all.

I changed the switch, now its working on the first click.

Thank you :+1:

Glad you got it working :slight_smile: