[11.11 sale&giveaway] Wurkkos 11.11 sale and giveaway for BLFers~


1、website giveaway: We will draw 5 buyers for1pc/each TS10 TI new batch when orderin during the sale day
2、all productrs will have deal price now.
3、Free gifts for order amount more than $9.9; $19 ; $29; $49; $89; $159, gifts including holster, cap, battery, and flashlight WK04, TS10.

Here’s giveaway beside the website giveaway: which model from Wurkkos you will recommend to your friends? which model need definately a update ?
we will draw 3 members random to win each flashlight in 20th, NOV. let’s join up!

Prize 1: HD50
Prize 2: WK40
Pirze 3: TS21

Any other interest models ,go wurkkos.com with code and free shipping to most of the world.

:fire::fire::fire:second batch TS10 TI will available soon during the sale day, with blue ti and ti-co. .:fire::fire::fire:

new batch TS10 TI available order now:
website link:

amazon link do not forget the 15% coupon on page valid in 3 hours later:
aliexpress link do not forget use code ----99WKTS10TI

MY:Wurkkos Titanium Limited Edition TS10 Powerful Mini 14500 EDC Flashlight with 3 * 90 CRI LEDs and Auto Colorful Aux 1400LM Pocket Torch Anduril 2.0 | Lazada
SG:Wurkkos Titanium Limited Edition TS10 Powerful Mini 14500 EDC Flashlight with 3 * 90 CRI LEDs and Auto Colorful Aux 1400LM Pocket Torch Anduril 2.0 | Lazada Singapore
PH:Wurkkos Titanium Limited Edition TS10 Powerful Mini 14500 EDC Flashlight with 3 * 90 CRI LEDs and Auto Colorful Aux 1400LM Pocket Torch Anduril 2.0 | Lazada PH
TH:Wurkkos ไททาเนียมรุ่นลิมิเต็ดอิดิชั่น TS10ไฟฉาย EDC 14500ขนาดเล็กที่มีประสิทธิภาพไฟ LED 3*90 CRI และออโต้สีสัน Aux 1400LM ไฟฉายกระเป๋า Anduril 2.0 | Lazada.co.th?
VN:Wurkkos phiên bản giới hạn Titan TS10 mạnh mẽ Mini 14500 EDC đèn pin với 3x90 CRI LED và tự động đầy màu sắc AUX 1400lm Móc Treo Đèn Pin anduril 2.0 | Lazada.vn


wurkkos aliexpress store have deal too from today 11.11

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How soon :grin:

The way this reads is a little confusing so I copied and pasted the wording from the wurkkos website below because it’s much easier to understand

Lucky Draw: We will draw 5 winners to get the latest version of Titanium TS10 among customers who pay on PST 6/11-17/11. The winners will be announced on Facebook on Nov.20th!

And for the BLF draw,

I believe you might’ve put down the wrong date there.

Otherwise :+1:

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I had recommended TS10 and FC13 to my friends and they were really liked it.
Model definitely need an update… maybe FC13 with 21700 battery, TS25 with a better switch.

I cant wait to see new wurkkos right angle flashlight and the updated TS25 :slight_smile:
Thanks for the GAW.

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The Wurkkos TD01 ticks all the boxes (but one). It definitely needs an upgraded driver.

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Here’s my entry for the BLF draw:


HD50 and I have some suggestions:

  • Option to select an xhp50.3 hi in a CCT lower than 6000K.
  • Option to swap the xhp for an sft40.
    • Why use a 6000K 70CRI xhp50.3 hi on the throw channel when the sft40 exists. 6000K is too harsh to be useful up close, it’s only useful as a throw channel, so use an sft40. It does low CRI cold white throw 1000x better.
  • Option to select the lh351d in 4000K. The 5000K is too green.

This is a bigger one:

  • Boost the xhp50.3 to 6V
    • You get all the normal efficiency gains of a boost driver that everyone wants these days
    • Now you can use the high CRI versions of the xhp50.3, which is really the only reason to use a 50.3 in the first place

The way the hd50 is built, with the xhp50.3 on a different circuit board than the 3V emitters are on, seems like the perfect setup for a 6V boost driver. 6V to the xhp on its board, 6V shared between the two 3V emitters on their board. Unless there’s a way to leave the top board as is and boost just the xhp underneath if that’s more cost effective.

Or just go with an sft40. Point is, a 70cri 6000k xhp50.3 hi doesn’t make a lot of sense on a headlamp when 95cri versions and the sft40 exist.

FC11 is easiest to recommend to friends.
FC13 needs better emitter choices.

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Tkank you for the GAW.

In terms of improvement I’d recommend to take a closer look at TS30s PRO. The look is very sharp :heart_eyes: Anduril 2 gets the job done perfectly too :muscle: but I consider a little disappointing the output and beam profile. It has a slight donut hole and by naked eye you can see it’s being outperformed by a cheaper Convoy L21B.

May be surprising but I recommend the backstage hero: WK04. Considering price below $10 its unique 2 light source design and unbelievable output - this is a jaw dropper for me :star_struck:

Depends on what they’re looking for but, if it suits their needs, I love recommending the TS25 in 519A! Good battery size, magnet, good UI, great light quality, built in charging, some basic customizability available if they’re curious.

TS25 :joy: Mostly for comedic effect but I am really looking forward to you guys redesigning the body lol, it is one of the things people mention when I recommend it…

I recommend TS10 and FC11 to friends.
FC13 can be updated with better leds.

A button design update on TS21 and TS25 (and probably a lot of the older lights) to the kind on the TS11 would be great!

ok let’s see:

I’ll not only recommend but probably gift the 14500 right angle to quite a few people once it’s available. Me I’d very seriously consider an HD20 if it came updated with Andúril and a dual buck driver.

I did recommend people the WK03 500K as a great combinantion of size, brightness, simplicity at a really good price.

Thanks for the giveaway!
I generally recommend the ts22 to friends. Its little brother/sister/5t degree cousin, the fc11 could use an update: the same regulation as the ts22 has - that would also make it an instant recommendation.

Thank you for the giveaway!

I am pleasantly surprised by the FC13S and think it would be good for my non-enthusiast friends.

For suggestions, I think it’s safe to say we all want more efficient drivers. Also, for any light that uses LHD351, simply use 519A instead. 5000k is fine as those of us who want to can easily dedome them for a warmer CCT. Also try to use SFT40 5000K instead of 6500K.

FC11 and TS22 will be great for beginners

Thanks for the giveaway!
After owning it for some weeks I would mostly recommend the TS22 with 70.3 HI. And as a beginner the FC11 with 519A.
Improvements: SFT40 in 5000K as alternative in your lights like TS32 to match the outer 519As. And a single emitter TS10, e.g. witch 519A dedomed.

I would give the TS10 to my friends who needed a flashlight because of it’s size. Given that we live in an urban area, San Francisco, there’s really no need for a bigger and brighter light.

It would be better if the TS10 worked with NiMh batteries but that’s the breaks…

Thanks for the GAW

I recommend the TS25 and ts11 to people a lot, but the upcoming TS10-inspired USB right angle is going to be the new #1.

I’d love to see an anduril 2, 18650, 4500k 519a TIR triple. Basically the FC11 body with the narrow head and USBc, but ts11 style RGB button and a triple using a buck+FET set up for better run time but still full powered turbo.

That, and add aux light control to the FC11. It’s such a useful feature.

I recommend the fc11 to anyone that will listen…its just a terrific tool for the price. I would like
the ts22 be updated with a better button and more colorways. I think it would be beautiful in copper!