12-Mode Help

Yeah, that's how it should work. When I said mine reset to mode group 1, that was when I unscrewed the tail cap while the switch was turned on. Mine loses nothing either when keeping the switch off... very weird. Am curious what causes it

what battery are you using in your flashlight … in the lights where the leds are Osram I have used the samsung 30Q (for having 10A max), but on this S2 + I did a test with the Vapcell INR 18650 black and the led was not blue as in the other lanterns with Osram …. do you think the battery can influence this issue?

When we were developing the Q8, screwing the batt tube into the head was making flaky connections in the Q8 prototype I had, resulted in resetting or locking up the firmware. Turned out we had to change a fuse setting for the brown out detection so it didn't react so quick to power cycling.

Could be this issue, like Streamtronics said above, or there's something else like a partial or weak short.