12 volt charger

Hello i was wondering what kind of 12 volt chargers are out there I have mainly 18650 and 14500 batteries. thank you in advance.

Xtar WP2 II and SP2 both support 12V input.

So does the intellicharge i4.

they both look nice I like the intellicharger better because of the 26650 option do you know if this comes with the cord for 12 volt went on ebay real quick and it does not say the xtar comes either way. But it looks nice. Thank you guys for quick response

SP2 is much, much better option for 26650’s. Intellicharger will take centuries to charge them.

Just wondering if you are looking at 12V because you want to power it in a vehicle or with solar?

The ML-102 charger is about $9 and will do 18650 or 14500 with a spacer. Some have mentioned fitting a 26650 in them but I don't have one of those to test.


According to specs it wil charge at 1000mA from AC adapter or 500mA from USB computer port.

I'm guessing you could get a simple 12V car lighter adapter - the kind with a 2A port for "iBling" and a 500mA port for everything else. Use the 500mA port for charging the 14500s as I think a 1000mA charge would be a bit too high for these.

The ML-102 can also be used as a USB supply to charge other devices such as phones, gps, etc.

The only downside is that it takes just one cell at a time so you'd have to purchase several if you wanted to charge a number of batteries at once.

The ML-102 is a good charger, but the specifications are not correct (Charge current is always the same and to high for small batteries).

You can read more about it in my review.