12 XPG mag beamshots!

Took some shots tonight, hope you like them. Will take some better ones and add more lights when I get a chance. If anything, the lights look brighter in person, but all shots are at the same settings. I did not have the patience to fully charge the batteries in the 12 xpg mag all were at about 3.4 volts fully charged is 3.55 to 3.6.

Far tree is 235 feet from the camera. First tree in the row of three on the right is 115 feet from the camera, and small tree directly in front of the larger one is 70 feet.

Manafont xml drop in, solarforce host.

3c mag with 1C tint xpg at 800ma on duracell alkalines

1d mag on 26650 IMR U2 xml 2B tint driven at 3.15 amp

Derwichtel triple xml mag n2.8 amps per emitter.

12 xpg mag direct drive on lifepo4 26650s

another triple xml

another 12 xpg

Welcome all questions and comments.

Do you build those lights and do you sell them if you do? I really like the last one.

Wow! That is impressive!

Very nice wall of light you got there...

Impressive output.. it's a small sun!

Very nice, very nice indeed :D

Can you please do a build thread so we can replicate our own? The more details the better.

I do build them, but havent sold to many. Have done a lot of them for friends. I could do another one for you if you really want it. About $110 in parts not counting batteries or host.


Damn I'm happy i don't live nowhere near you, otherwise even the DRY i ordered would be a sissy compared to this beast :). 110$ in parts = price i have paid for NW DRY + shipping without batteries

So what's a ball park figure counting host and batteries? I may be interested. And how long will the bulbs last? And what kind of batteries? And of course how much for your time? Just give me a ball park figure. Or shoot me a pm.

Ok I see you have it taking 26650 batteries. I was wanting to stay with the 18650 batteries. Can you make a light sort of say comparable to this one that will take 18650 batteries? If not and maybe not safe could you make a great thrower say XM-L light. That's what I really am wanting anyway. Shoot me a pm. We can talk. But I would love to have a good light that's a great thower and puts out some lumens.

That is insane! Very very nice! I can't wait for those little triple emitters to come out in XM-L versions. Triple XM-L in a 3-cell mini-maglite!

Wait no longer...



Be careful turning that thing on at night...your light may attract some small planets.

I need to tweak the settings on my beamshots as all the lights look dimmer than what they are in person. I thought that would be good for the monster lights as they are so bright, but the xmls look anemic in these shots lol.

That would be nice but not completely necessary. Since your shots are all on the same settings it gives us a good comparison even if they're too bright or too dim.

But what am I saying..take more beamshots!

Great job on the beamshots !!!

Close but no cigar. Need to be 20 mm base like the triple xp-g from ledsupply. :)