12v auto off road lights 9 - 60 volt range for diy spotlight

I needed a high power led portable light to use around the farm so I bought some 12v H4 headlamps of ebay, put them in a couple Thor cyclops spotlights I had. They got hot and had short life, lumens varied greatly as voltage dropped. Last week I bought a auto spot/flood light locally, the box said 24 watt cree led 9 - 28 volts, I mounted it to 12v 12amp sla battery and it works great. Today I bought a 44 watt spotlamp at TSC for auto use, box said 9-60 volts, so I hooked up the power supply, turned out the lights & check it. Lumen stayed the same from 12 - 50 volts
but the current draw dropped to maintain 44 watt rating. I mounted this on on a 40v Ryobi battery, amassing light,
and on clearance, very cheap. These must have a very efficient buck/boost converter built in, hard to believe they can make the lights so cheap.

Sounds interesting. Pix, links, anything like that?

This souds just like a idea I have been thinking about for a while now. Pics please :slight_smile:

Have photos on my PC but have not figured out how to get them into the post using the URL when clicking the insert image icon.

You need to post them to a 3rd-party pic site, then use that url.

Someone’ll post that how-to thread, I’m sure. I don’t recall it offhand. Hmmm…

imgur is probably the easiest, click on the url and it copies to the clipboard, then right click on the box and paste it in.