12V DC - 220V AC Car Power Inverter

Hi Guys
is anyone here have any experience using one?i need an advice before buy one of them :slight_smile:

I’ve got one I keep in my car 300w I think, it gives a rough output not smooth like the mains, the only thing that won’t run off it is my soldering iron remarkably! Small power drills are ok.

i heard there is two different wave form of it,pure sine wave and modified sine wave.
i wonder what is the difference :quest:

The pure sine units are much nicer, with output that more closely matches mains. The square wave ones (what they like to call modified sine wave) can be harder on equipment and cause more electrical noise, especially in chargers or anything that's converting back down to DC. That said, the pure sine units have been much more expensive in the past, although I'm not sure how things are today.

Yup, modified sine wave units are basically rough square waves. Here’s a wave comparison from Wikipedia:

The power factor goes down especially when driving inductive loads such as motors, so the efficiency goes down by about 20%.

Shouldn’t be a problem driving simple resistive loads though. :slight_smile:

thanks a lot guys,it make my search easier :slight_smile: