$13,94 for Q5 in 55mm head including 2*18650 (and other stuff at Everbuying)

I was looking for my first 2*18650 light, and I came across this one.

No-brand torch
$15,49 - or $13,94 with coupon

- Q5 in a 55 mm head

- 2x18650 body (245 mm long)

- Side switch

  • Includes (probably crappy) 2x18650 and two chargers
    It’s made for recharging the 18650’s inside the torch, I think. I’d advice against that, especially with such cheap cells & chargers (pipe bomb anyone?).

I figured for this price I’d take the risk; if it’s really crappy it might still be a nice basis for modding.
I know Everbuying has an ‘avoid’ label here, but I already ordered from them once and that came in fine so I gave them a chance.
I used coupon “EBFB09” for 10% off, it worked fine yesterday even though the coupon was supposed to expire in November.

Other stuff at Everbuying:

- SkyRay 3XR5 $31,99 - or $28,79 with coupon

- SkyRay 3xT6 $34,49 - or $31,04 with coupon

The light arrived today. I might take some pictures or do a short review later, but for now:

- The dimensions are right. The head is 55mm and the length is around 245mm. Weight excluding batteries is 247 grams.

- The reflector is orange peel for the first half (near the LED) and smooth for the second half (near the glass).

- I didn’t look at the beam a lot yet, but it’s comparable to my Q5 C8 but with a smaller and brighter hotspot and also a slightly wider and brighter flood.

- I think it looks really nice, actually. The side clicky (instead of the usual rear clicky) is great.

- The light came with 2 batteries. They’re Ultrafire 18650’s charged to 4.0V, “3800mAh”. They’re only 37 grams so I doubt they’re even a third of that capacity. I think they’re unprotected cells, they’re 65mm long.

- The light also came with 2 chargers; a wall charger (US plug) and a car charger. The wall charger is marked 4.2V +–0.5V, DC500mA. The car charger has no markings whatsoever. There’s a hole with a rubber protector on the flashlight, but it doesn’t look like it’d make electrical contact with antyhing when you put the charger in it. Which is fine, since I’d never charge batteries inside a flashlight and ESPECIALLY not with Chinese chargers / batteries.

- The anodising finish is a nice black, but it’s chipped in a few places.

- Didn’t manage to get the emitter & driver part off yet.

- Tailcap measures 0,461A on ‘high’ with the two stock batteries at 4V.

  • Looks like no mode memory.

I’ve only looked at it for half an hour but I think this is my best buy yet. :slight_smile:

So is it a mini throw beast compared to your standard C8 Q5s?

Nice find. Head diameter is the same as Jacob A60 (Q5). Interesting to see the comparison of brightness/throw/flood to that.

Think the “hole” with a rubber protector is the charging port.

Not sure yet, I’ll do a comparison with the same cells in both flashlights later on. I’ll see if I can do some beamshots.

Yeah the hole is the charging port, but the charger doesn’t really fit in it and there’s nothing metallic in it so I’m guessing it’s either not assembled correctly or it doesn’t work by design.

sounds like a pretty decent light for less than $15. do you have any of the popular lights to compare it with?

Hi Thomas, if you can get a photo with the tube screwed off so we can see the driver, it would be great. If the driver is upgradeable, I might grab one of these. I really like side switch light in this 2 x 18650 configuration. Thanks.

What size is the driver?

There should be another hole on the other end of the rubber which should have a metallic “pin” (male). The pin goes inside the charger adapter “hole” (female).

Thanks Sam, you’re right, I overlooked the second hole.

Some pics (battery is the one it came with two of, other lights are UltraFire C8 and UniqueFire UF-2100):

Reflector on the left is plastic, by the way. The front part is smooth, the part near the LED is orange peely.

The pill is 24.8 mm in diameter and 10.4 mm high. It weighs only 12 grams including driver and emitter. Driver and emitter star are both 20 mm diameter.
The pill floats (!) in a piece where there’s 25.3 mm screw thread with a plastic screw ring pushing the small springs down on the next level (part where the switch and charger hole are). I haven’t been able to get that part out yet but there’s also a (too) small spring on the bottom of that part (battery side).
Driver / emitter / pill seem easy to upgrade.

There’s no logo on the torch (actually, I like it that way). Machining isn’t perfect everywhere, and there was even some aluminium milling chips still in the head when I unscrewed it, I’ll have to clean the threads. Heatsinking is terrible right now. Even so, I like it a lot for <$14 I payed.

Damm, I was thinking dummy cell and direct drive….not into floating pills though.

I’ll just see if I can still get a Jacobs a60. :~

Thanks Thomas for the great photos. If possible, try and get better batteries. Those ultrafires can be dangerous in a 2x 18650 series configuration.