14$ XR-E recoil flashlight

What do you think about this new guy?

For 14$ will be a good recoil thrower?


Is only me eyes, or the reflector is completely flat? (not curved)

It does look odd. I’m sure you’re better off with the Smallsun ZY-C10-S.

Not a fan of small diameter recoil throwers. Reflected / columnated light is reflected columnated light whether from a traditional parabolic dish or some other kind of reflective geometry. A recoil reflector is nothing more than a curved reflector with larger focal point distance “F”. The biggest down-side to the design is that there is not enough thermal heatsink mass for the LED to rid itself of heat build up. So the LED needs to be under-driven to some extent.

A better design would be a large diameter reflector dish with a more traditional threaded heatsink/pill design.

I would just take that same money and buy the Jacob A60. I have a recoil thrower. The Jacob A60 will smoke it.

I have that same light with the SIPIK brand name on it. It throws just as well as my Solarforce MP Pro. Really nice for the price. As far as heat sinking goes, I wouldn’t worry about it. I once used it in the hospital for a ceiling bounce reading light through two battery changes, no problems. It’s not a real hot setup.