14250, How do they stack up?

Ordered some of these the other day. Does anyone have any experience with them? How much current can they supply? I’m hoping for 2C-3C.

What light did you buy them for?

Well now, that’s a secret…But I’d like to feed it somewhere between 1/2A-1A. You can probably make a guess if you know the history of my threads and recent purchases. Hmm…

Hmmm, didn’t even know they made those. Now if I could only find 141000s. :smiley:
Good luck, I hope they put out what you need.

Likely you are looking at 1.5-2C max. That’s around the typical max sustained draw spec for an ICR.

Are these still listed?

Link is still active to available cells.

I wish they weren't so expensive or sold in a 6-pack. I can think of a few uses for them but output would be hindered a bit. Still....